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Akecheta Askook Williams

Akecheta Askook Williams close

Having lost his family at a young age, and been kicked out of his adoptive family's home, Akecheta Askook Williams grew up to be a very smart, independent man. Working on farms, fixing cars, and selling wood carvings on the side, Akecheta was anything but lazy and was making something good of himself. But it all came crashing down when fixing a clients car, he over heard some sensitive information not made for ...

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Alex Luis Amador

Alex Luis Amador close

Brother of Cal Amador and best friend to Odin Layfet

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Brooke Esther Abbe

Brooke Esther Abbe close

Brooke is in a relationship with the lovely June Belle Sutton. They go to the same Highschool with two brothers named Cal and Alex Amador. One day, the brothers mysterious disappear for a few months and then randomly return one day. It’s obvious to Brooke that they aren’t the same as they were when they left, and this leads to her diving into the worm hole of the brothers lives What has she gotten herself into?

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Cal Hernan Amador

Cal Hernan Amador close

Brother to Alex Amador and boyfriend to Odin Layfet.

Cal works for a secret agency (much like CIA.) when one day his brother is taken by a Japanese spy and he is forced to fly to Japan to get his brother back. There, he reveals the fact that high ranking Japanese and multiple other county scientist have been experimenting on people to create a new form of weaponry. Cal gathers as much info as he can about the o...

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Cody Jessica ( Jessie ) Rique

Cody Jessica ( Jessie ) Rique close

A young demon possesses his first body of a boy with no friends, an unloving family, and no future. He has no plans on what to do but, when a strange creature that goes by the mortal name ‘Kevin’ crawls through his hosts bedroom window, shenanigans ensue.

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Honovi Taima Williams

Honovi Taima Williams close

The kidnapped brother of Akecheta who comes to kill him after being convinced his whole life that Akecheta is a bad person and killed their parents.

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Jomei ( Cody named him Kyle. Kyle Alex Marriot )

Jomei ( Cody named him Kyle. Kyle Alex Marriot ) close

Having left his own planet on a mission to ‘collect’ the rouge prisoner ‘K-31n’- he finds the mission but...along the way he also finds love in a special someone with a mortal females middle name

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June Belle Sutton

June Belle Sutton close

Friend to Alex Amador and girlfriend to Brooke Abbe.

June is her high schools year book photographer but dreams of being an animal scientist. One day, he friend Alex goes missing. She can’t get ahold of him or his brother and it worries her to no end. It feels as if years have gone by before Alex one day shows up out of the blue in her math class. He looks the same as he did when she last saw him...but there ...

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Kevin Stuart Marques

Kevin Stuart Marques close

An alien creature that sneaks into a random house in the woods he lives in and meets a demon inhabiting the body of the small families middle child. They become friends.

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Odin Kenji Lafyet

Odin Kenji Lafyet close

Best Friend to Alex Amador and Boyfriend off Cal.

Odin was born in Japan to an unknown European father and a Japanese native mother. He was abandoned at age 12 and was force to survive in the streets by himself. It wasn’t until he was 15 when a group of strange men snatched him up from his cardboard house and took him away. He was then experimented on and put through torture for what felt like a thousand year...

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Zachary close

While washing his clothes in a nearby river, a demon comes across his path and- due to goblin rule- he does not let the demon pass without solving his riddle or giving him two pure silver Nickels. The demon has no Nickels and answers the riddle incorrectly- meaning Zachary may now live in the demons home for as long as he pleases. It’s a thrilling experience...especially since the demon hates his guts.

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