forum What order do your characters put milk and cereal
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I didnt know a picture of bees could gag me so much…until now.

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oh my god the freakin posts in this group are god tier, I'm crying at these weird photos.
In order of least to most chaotic:

Annalise and Christopher: Cereal first, then milk, like any normal people do. There's another way to eat it?
Taylor: Cereal first, then milk, they refuse to be inducted into the Milk First gang.
Kent: Milk first, then cereal, join the Milk First gang, Taylor!
Augustus: Blenders the milk and cereal together and chugs it to save time
Collin: Doesn't eat cereal, doesn't understand why everyone's freaking out about it. Bites kit-kats in the center though. Bastard.

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Just wanted to say that Aster would absolutely do this:

Just to see the look of horror on Mito's face
And Theo would try this:

Because he likes to experiment with food

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Frog: cereal then milk, but there's definitely something else mixed in there
Dick: milk then cereal because he likes to be frustrating
Juniper: cereal then milk because he's a normal person
Shiloh: no milk, just cereal

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Milk first:Laura, Kim, Grant, and Amanda bc they are the only normal ones
Cereal first: Kendal and Rain, bc we want to watch the world burn
Megan:Eats cereal dry bc lactose intolerent
Hayen and Keri; Dont eat cereal like the demons they are