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Can they handle alcohol? What are their preferences? Do they fall asleep? Tell their deepest secrets? Get into fights?

Ren: She doesn't usually drink, but when she does, she prefers sake. If she gets drunk enough, she attempts to pet anything - people, inanimate objects, etc. She once tried to pet a cactus.
Himari: Drinks sake with Ren sometimes and insults random strangers.
Chan: He only drinks at celebrations or gatherings. After the meal, he will challenge anyone to a drinking contest, drink exactly one shot, and then pass out. Every time.
Elyas: Avoids alcohol at all costs, only drinks water
Zephyr: Could finish a bottle of vodka and be sober enough to drive everyone home.

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Azami: She has a high tolerance, she can outdrink most of her crewmates. When she drinks too much, she either sleeps or cackles at everything that happens.
Jax: She doesn't drink, she's 12, but if she did, she'd pass out immediately.
Peregrine: She never gets drunk, and can drink as much as her father can.
Tori: She gets blackout drunk after a few bottles.
Teigi: He can drink a surprisingly high amount before he gets all intellectual and writes poetry.
Maia: Maia doesn't drink at all/


witchery business

lorelei: decent tolerance, she's sixteen so it's not the best and she doesn't like, constantly drink. as a cheerleader though she does get invited to a lot of 'parties'–really just get togethers–with booze. when she gets drunk, which isn't often because she doesn't want her uncle to worry, she gets hella bubbly. flirty, hilarious, will accept any dare ever, once stole a guy's pants and convinced him to wear her cheer uniform in the same night. she also does really shitty karaoke despite being a good singer. great bartender though

thema: does not drink. consumed alcohol once and the members who don't understand how tolerance works expected her to have a great one(tolerance). she got piss drunk off of like five mixed drinks at a little secret party the team threw for themselves, and spent the entire night crying about how pretty her fiancee was and showing everyone pictures of her and the pups her packmates back home had just had

gabe: he's a fucking baby about alcohol and has a tolerance akin to thema. i wouldn't say he was pressured but he was minorly coerced by the team to drink and got drunk about the same time she did. does the same thing lorelei does, with bad karaoke, even though he's literally a musician. also gets really emo in a hilarious way, cries a lot and hangs off of thema while talking about how life is so sad and her pack are the only light he's ever seen in the world. very dramatic

alex: he's got the second best tolerance. living on the streets tm he had a decent exposure to alcohol, though he tried to keep it in safe environments. this shy emo boy turns into such a 'ill fight everyone' drunk though. also he and lorelei first kissed when he was drunk and she laughed so hard when he didn't remember it the next day. spent a good chunk of the night threatening and trying to provoke a tree, proceeded to headbut it and wake up with a minor concussion.

mihael: best tolerance, he and lorelei are the jokesters when they get drunk. pranks galore. they filled gabe's guitar with little plastic dinosaurs, you know the kind you get from like the toy aisle in safeway. when he finally got them all out they then filled all of his socks with the same toys the next day. mihael enjoys a nice glass of whiskey and doesn't know the difference between good whiskey and bad whiskey. also mis uses the term 'on the rocks' and lorelei gives him so much shit. got trapped on the roof of the agency's young agent facility, and then somehow climbed down far enough to pass out in a locked room on the first floor–not sure why he couldn't keep going to the ground–at three in the morning.

they all did bad karaoke of piano man and la vida loca, gabe on thema's shoulders jousted lorelei on mihael's while alex fought the tree, and nobody to this day knows who took all of their left shoes and the laces of the right ones. they still haven't found them. these kids are the future of the magical world

also remind me to do the gfa kids in a separate post lmao i had too much fun with this one

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When Ruby drinks she gets loud. Standing on tables screaming nursery rhymes, arguing with brick walls, the works.

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Melete: The more drunk she gets, the more old-fashioned she talks. Legend has it that if you give her enough to drink, she'll start speaking authentic ancient Babylonian.
Brandon: In his own words, he can "handle a few drinks". In other words, if it weren't the apocalypse and really hard to find good liquor, he'd be an alcoholic. He either gets really loud and annoying and argumentative when he's drunk, or he gets really flirty. Depends on the night. A great variety of accidents and regrettable decisions have occurred over the years because of this ^^; Brandon is a terrible example lol, drink responsibly kids.
Bernon: Another boy who becomes quite romantic when drunk, but in a much sweeter, more polite way. It doesn't take much to turn him into a big sloppy crybaby that just wants to cuddle with whoever's closest.
Mike: Refuses to touch alcohol because he hates not being in total control of his thoughts and actions. As such, he probably couldn't handle more than half a glass without feeling sick.
Boar-back: Everyone expects him to be the type who can drink however much he wants without batting an eye, but in fact he "doesn't like the taste" and never consumes enough liquor to have any effect. Also, he can't risk getting drunk because he runs a tribe of cutthroat bandits and you never know when one of them might try to stab him in the back, or an enemy tribe will invade.
Flo: At this point, she's sampled pretty much every alcoholic drink out there, and she ain't picky. She wins drinking competitions a lot and has built up a pretty high tolerance over the years, so her demeanor rarely changes at all anymore. However, like Boar-back, she lives a dangerous life and can't afford to be passed out in a shady motel when her enemies catch up with her, so she's actually pretty disciplined about respecting her own limits.
Crash: Tried white wine once by accident. Was sick for the whole rest of the night.


((im sorry but crash is a mood. i've never gotten sick from consuming Alcohol–that would take drinking more than something with only a 3.2% alcohol content–but white wine is only good in cooking. all wine is only good in cooking))

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page will drink whatever's offered to her, she isn't picky, but she prefers light beer. she can hold her liquor super well, and is a happy/fun drunk, so she's a great drinking buddy to have. (irl, my dad can have like 20 beers in an afternoon and the only difference you'll see is that he'll get a little goofier, and page has that same crazy high tolerance)

darcy only drinks socially, and she isn't really a "social" person. even then, though, her tolerance is lower than she'd like to admit, and she only likes sweet drinks, so she's kind of self-conscious when she drinks (even though truly, nobody cares). when you do manage to get her drunk, she gets very Philosophical and will try to explain very complex concepts to her very inebriated friends.

august is on an ssri, which i can confirm firsthand absolutely tanks your tolerance (i'm on zoloft and i can get tipsy off of 2 bud light pony cans), but he's also pretty physically large and fit, so his tolerance is average. he actually prefers hard liquor, and he's a very sweet, snuggly drunk (though he also tends to do the explain-complex-topics-to-other-drunk-people thing that darcy does). he also only drinks after he's gotten all his work done for the week, as a rule.

jesse has a medium-to-low tolerance; he started drinking at parties when he was only 14, so he knows his limits, but he's also pretty small, so it's easy for him to go too far without meaning to. if he's in a good mood already, he'll be a funny+silly drunk, but if he's drinking while in a bad mood (which he should know not to do by now, but he does it anyway), he can get very sad and weepy. if he has a choice of whatever he wants to drink, either buying it himself with a fake or enlisting the help of a 21+ friend, he'll ask for this. according to people who know stuff, it's terrible, it's literally almost always used as cooking wine, and it doesn't make sense that liquor stores sell it for drinking. but if you don't know anything, and you just really sincerely like the taste of almost any white wine (in other words, me), i mean, come on, it's 3 liters!

silas doesn't really love to drink. he's also on an ssri, he's naturally a lightweight anyway, and he hates the taste of alcohol. he'll sometimes drink with friends, but he likes his beverages as watered down as possible (think 1 shot of vodka to 1 full bottle of minute maid pink lemonade. which, by the way, is the most reliable on-campus convenience store mixer). if he's tipsy, he'll be very giggly and probably a little less shy than usual, but it's easy for him to cross the line from tipsy into drunk, and once he's drunk, he just gets tired and wants to go to bed.

also, when page and jesse are in goofy/silly drunk mode (which they are a lot of the time), they are sharing one braincell between the two of them, and they cannot be left unsupervised or they will do something stupid. more likely, page will do something stupid, and jesse will be like "why are you trying to stop her? don't you trust her??"


Nessa can't get drunk because vampires can't get drunk. Demitri, on the other hand can get VERY drunk. It takes a lot, but the first time he drinks wine with Nessa, he keeps going while she does, because he doesn't realize nothing will happen to her (because she "forgets to tell him" on purpose XD). Then he is REALLY drunk and Nessa is laughing hysterically while telling him it was impossible for her to get drunk all along.

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Colby: Extreme alcoholic who cannot become intoxicated. She is the reincarnation of the god of destruction and since alcohol destroys the mind and body, Colby is immune to it. Although on the downside, she is a heavy drinker with a very unhealthy habit. She prefers strong drinks that'll take a hit. Her favorite is a drink called fog which is a misty colored drink, a gift to the creatures of Cree from the gods Azyla and Demetria. The gods of destruction and insanity. Any mortal would pass out cold within couple shots. But Creetians are built on this stuff and are close to immune. Reincarnations can take several shots before becoming intoxicated (with the exception of Colby).

Duxe: A total lightweight. A couple beers in and he's out cold. Before he passes out he'll probably try to dance with anyone and everyone. He's one who will just be super happy and give people random compliments, but he totally means every single one. He's a natural gentleman, what'd you expect from him? He'd also prefer not to drink since he hates the flavor of alcoholic drinks. He'll stick to Capri-Suns and tea, thank you very much.

Tyler: No thank you, he'll have his water.

Hunter: He can handle his alcohol. Although he prefers not to drink, he'll have a couple shots and call it good. If he did get heavily drunk, he'd slur his words so bad, no one would understand him. He'd also share his sob story and find people who would pity him.

Catiline: Wine or champagne. She is one that would go to wine tastings. She appreciates the history and story to each unique bottle of wine.

Kandy: The designated driver. She doesnt drink. She's got too many secrets to hold in. If she drank anything, they'd all slip.


Nathaniel: Fun and very flirty at first, but he quickly becomes self destructive. After the self destructive phase, he'll throw up and pass out. Please god do not let him go drinking alone
Cas: Has not gotten drunk before, but would probably just cry a lot
Scipio: He loves answering questions and giving away his secrets when he's drunk. After that he usually gets pretty sick since he doesn't drink often
Lloyd: Has never had and will never have anything but wine, and never enough to get drunk
Nix: Has not had alcohol before, but would probably be very loud and demand attention. So like his normal self, but with less inhibitions
Ryder: Would stand on a table and sing for a while before immediately passing out.

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Aurelius: drinks socially; gets tipsy easily but has never been super drunk. Prefers ale. Tends to be a bit more bubbly and laughs at everything.
Valkyrie: She drinks sometimes. It’s never really been a big deal to her. She acts relatively normal when tipsy, although mildly impaired. She got very drunk once (but it took a lot). She’ll drink basically anything.
Septima: Looks like a lightweight, but she’s used to drinking alongside lots of men- and soldiers, at that. Her filter kind of stops working when she’s drunk. She will swear like even more of a sailor and make dirty jokes that no one asked for. She likes ale and wine.
Taurin: He’s a bartender, but really doesn’t drink any more than average. He has slightly more refined taste and likes champagne over the cheaper ale he helps sell. He lets loose a bit when he’s drunk, and loses his uptightness. However, he’s more likely to fight if provoked.
Fiera: She drinks daily. Easily an alcoholic. She has a high tolerance and prefers things that are concentrated, like gin or vodka. She ranges anywhere from fun and flirty to moody, depending on other factors.
Moreau: Has never had more than a couple of drinks at a time, in fear that drunkenness could lose him his job. But it does help him relax a bit. Tends to prefer sweeter drinks, often drinks things more diluted if he has the choice.
Cyrus: Doesn’t drink all the time, but he tends to binge drink. Gets blackout drunk a lot more often than he’s willing to admit. Which is ridiculous, because he’s a heavyweight. He can drink a ton. He prefers whiskey over anything else. Gets emotionally volatile, but rarely physically violent.

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Azrael: gets either angry and wants to fight everything in sight, or really lovey-dovey and emotional, kinda 50/50


Naomi gets super maudlin. We're talking complete weepy, self-recriminating mess. I haven't figured out the others yet (although I suspect that CJ might also be maudlin with a side of indiscriminately flirty); it might be funny if tiny ninety-pound Brandee had a higher tolerance than huge four-bills-and-change Kieron, but I suspect that might violate some laws of physics or something.


lyss: you'd swear the boy doesn't change no matter how much he drinks. he's already kind of unhinged and batshit so him getting drunk doesn't make that worse or better, he just brings out the finger puppets. it's unknown if he actually has a good tolerance or a shit one

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Tony: Despite how much his family drinks, he can barely handle three glasses of anything; even soju. But Tony just doesn't care and goes for it anyway. It's just down hill from there really. He'll start to break out in song usually singing love, ballads, and dirty songs. His favorite song to sing is 'Backseat' by JYJ, and usually Tony is just screaming the lyrics. After twenty minutes or so, he'll pass out.

Jaesung: This man can take his alcohol pretty well, but after eleven shots of vodka, he gets drunk. It can go two ways when he gets drunk. First off, Jaesung can be very flirtatious/affectionate towards others. Nothing really serious just flirtatious lines or corny pick up lines. He'll shower someone with compliments then cuddle them too. Secondly, he can be very emotional too. One time he was crying and talking about how beautiful women are yet people still disrespect them. Another time he cried about how Maeng and Chansung are growing up then called them his babies.

Hyungwon: Hyungwon only drinks to get his mind off of things. He prefers to drink red wine when everyone else is asleep or out of the dorm. Sober, this dude is completely quiet and closed off, but when drunk, it's a whole other case. You'll find this guy laughing his butt off at anything. His cheeks are flushed completely covered in red and his ears match too. Hyungwon smiles a lot more too. Sure he might tell you a secret or two, but hopefully it's not deep.

Haeil: Man, for some reason Haeil is just the same as he is sober with a slight difference though. For some reason, this weirdo thinks he's Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada. So basically he's the b**chy type of drunk if you want to call it that. He will call one of the younger members and make them his assistant for the next hour; or he'll do a fashion evaluation of whatever they're wearing.

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Kenna: She turned to alchohol when Dimitri died. She used to have a terrible tolerance and would drink only at parties and royal gatherings, when it was expected. A few drinks of champagne could get her drunk enough to flirt with everyone within ear-shot. She will laugh at everything and everyone, and boast about her skills whenever she got the chance. She gains an absurd amount of confidence and will literally just dance by herself, offbeat, and let everyone stare at her. She will make anyone laugh, but when she gets pissed off while drunk she will not hold back. If anyone makes Drunk Kenna mad, they will end up with bruises. When she started drinking heavier, she turns into more of an angry drunk, and begins to rely on it. She will pick fights just so she'll get hurt and be able to feel something agan. It begins to take a lot more to get her drunk. She ends up lying somewhere in her own puke more times than not, after yelling or insulting the entire Keep, then Acyn would have to pick her out of her own vomit and clean her off.

Dimitri: Terrible tolerance. Absolutley horrid. He could take two shots of vodka and black out. That being said, he seems to take on an entirely different personality when drunk. He becomes the life of any party. He will take on any dare given to him, no matter how stupid it is. His closed off demenor is lost and he tends to have a big mouth, so he doesn't drink often in fear of spilling secrets. One time he ran around the city naked, and Kenna had to chase after him holding his clothes. That was the only instance Kenna was the responsible one. He becomes a ladies man, and almost every girl will somehow find themselves falling for his terrible one-liners and attempts at flirtation. He can still maintain his ability to dance, somehow. Kenna calls it one of the seven mysteries of the universe.

Will: His love for parties has helped his tolerance, so despite his childish personality, it takes a lot to get him drunk. A full bottle of vodka and he's not even blacked out. When he is drunk, it's a shitshow. He's a mess. I'm talking big mood swings, he can go from sobbing to screaming with excitement in a matter of seconds. He trips over his own two feet, declarations of love are often made, he also likes to try and apologize to Eira, he does this sober as well, but when he's drunk, it's even worse. He'll get on his knees and cling to her legs until Eira has to literally peel him off of her, or get Acyn to drag him away. He also likes to shower Acyn in compliments, and attempt to be his wing-man. Every two seconds he says something like, "AcYn YoU'rE SuCh A GoOd FrIeNd I DoN't DeSeRvE yOu" and Acyn, being fed up with his shit just says, "Yeah, you're right." Which will just make Will have an existential crisis.

Acyn: He tends to avoid alcohol. Seeing how it's affected Kenna has made him stray away, but when he is drunk, he is not much different then he is sober. He maintains his "Mom of the Group" stance, and can probably be found either cleaning up Kenna's messes or talking Will down from a meltdown, or a literal roof. He's usually calm and collected, but his filter completely vanishes. He gets overly honest, and can't hold anything back. He will point out everyone's flaws then pat them on the head and tell them that's why they need him.

Eira: She's a bitchy drunk. Doesn't care about your feelings. Will 100% demolish your self esteem and she won't apologize. She likes to take out her sixteen years of trauma on the nearest bystander. She usually ends up in a fight, which is usually with Kenna. And it either ends with Acyn sending both of them to separate rooms, or either Eira or Kenna will end up with a black eye. One time Kenna broke Eira's nose, and drunk Eira is set on breaking Kenna's. But Acyn never lets her. She can get pretty snappy when drunk. People don't find her very fun to be around. Except Verena, Verena finds her hilarious. But Verena also delights in others misfortune.

Tanith: She's a clusmy drunk. Someone is always helping her stand or walk. It's quite the sight, to see a girl who is literally part demon, not be able to walk two steps without tripping over her own two feet and nearly fall on her face. Her drunken struggles have really humbled her, and Eira likes to make sure she remembers her missteps from the night before. Many things have been broken from her. She also talks a lot. Her introverted personality really flies right out the window. She'll spend hours talking to a stranger about nothing. It sucks for the stranger, but Tanith loves it.

Caspian: Big and dumb. He makes stupid decisions, but is usually found near Acyn, either helping him clean up something or letting Acyn clean up him. He usually ends up with many cuts and bruises, but no one is ever really sure where they come from. He tends to make lots of promises that he has no intention of keeping, and usually ends up with more money in his pocket than he began with. He has shit tolerance, to, so he blacks out easily and usually has no recollection of the night before. Acyn finds it hilarious, Caspian does not. He tends to stay away from alcohol for that reason. He likes to be in control.

Gaia: She's loud. Like really loud. Years of training and composure completely fly out the window. Because of her liking of alcohol, there are many stories floating around about the princess. She does it mostly to spite her parents, but also because she likes to hear of the stories going around the next day. She will strip to her underclothes and run around the palace, her poor maids chasing her. She'll stand on table tops and sing drinking songs (which the nobility do not know) and sing them really terribly as well. She is not charming or graceful. There's been a few instances where she burped right in a prince's face. Her drunken behavior is one of the reasons she remains unwed, and she likes it that way. Ellie, her best friend, is usually stuck trying to track her down or save her from embarrassment, but she also finds it insanely funny and is usually not much help.

Ellie: When Ellie and Gaia are both drunk, it's an absolute shitshow. Ellie is usually egging Gaia on to do stupid shit, and Gaia is usually found doing said stupid shit. Ellie manages to keep a bit more composure than Gaia, but not much. She's tempermental, and has a low tolerance. She tends to hoard all the food, eat it in seconds, then throw it all up in an hour or so. She's a flirt, and will usually find some prince of young lord to hold her hair back as she vomits up everything she ever ate. They don't seem to mind, but they do get rather annoyed when Gaia begins talking their ears off. Ellie thinks it's funny. She likes to make the princes and nobility blush.


Cody: When drinking, he gets real into his feelings. His usual snarky, and goofy demeanor morphs into a quiet, sad, shell of itself. He likes to be left alone when he feels like this but, if he sup to it, he’ll let Jomei come snuggle with him until he falls asleep or he’s sober enough to bring himself back.

Jomei: He does not like to drink- as it upsets his stomach- but, the first time he ever did drink, it was a mess. Usually, Jomei is this quiet, well put together, smart/rational guy that makes all the tough decisions but- when alcohol is involved- his brain melts to goo and all common sense is thrown out the window. He blurts secrets, talks in different languages, and almost always tries to get into some type of trouble.

Kevin: Alcohol is supposed to make people unable to function properly but, with Kevin, it does the exact opposite. Normally, Kevin is this wild, goofy, chaotic, gremlin that likes to pull pranks and get into trouble but, after a few drinks, he does a full 360. His demeanor turns serious and concerning. While all his friends get into trouble or exaggerate bottled up emotions- Kevin is calm, collected, and calculating. Drunk Kevin is weirdest thing any of his friends have ever experienced but, they’re not complaining. At least he isn’t running around naked.

Zachery: This poor boy turns into a complete baby when drunk. He normally acts all fun, soft, and annoying when sober but, after drinking, he’s softx3. He cries at that one dog PSA every time it comes on, he cries when his friends leave him to get water/go to the bathroom, he cries when his food is to hot, he cries when his food is to cold. He does a lot of crying. His friends prefer him when he’s sober.

@Mojack group

Ark: no Bazur drinks alcohol (commonly at least) nor do the majority know what it is. Knowing him, he’d pick up a bottle, think it would be some funny tasting water, and proceed to have trouble with his abilities for a while before passing out (after several attempts to avoid passing out to begin with.)

Rade: incredibly powerful alien biology allows him to not be affected by it…at least, not in the typical way. given he’s a shapeshifter (not one of many forms, more so switches between two forms or partial transformations as needed) he needs control on his ability at all times. unknowingly, drinking loosens that delicate control he had on himself and if he ever runs into emergency while ‘drunk’ and tries to shapeshift, there’s a high chance of things going wrong, or nothing happening at all.

Fedir: rarely drinks, and when he does, it’s usually in solitude. he’s not the type who drinks to have fun. he drinks to forget, even though he knows it’s not good.

Runt: Fedir wouldn’t let her drink even a droplet

Basqo: the loud drunk. he and his merry band of misfits are pretty varied in their reactions, but it’s easy to tell with Basqo. he’s not a lightweight by any means, he prefers the stronger stuff. He WILL let information slip though in this state. he doesn’t really have a good hold on himself and may end up starting a fight before the end of the night.

Rubi: do they even react to alcohol at all? swear you could give them so many bottles and they wouldn’t even feel tipsy. maybe it’s the alien biology…

he’s that sort of drunk, a stark contrast from his usual stoic demeanour. lightweight, and it takes him a while to snap out of the whole thing. hangovers are the worst. he’d probably cry and let his secrets spill out to Rubi, much to their dislike (or embarrassment..surprise, perhaps?).

Alma: she can get tipsy but usually drinks in moderation. needs to be able to rein other people in. wine for her.

“I don’t drink.”
- then what’s that behind you…
quick glance behind himself “Nothing..!”
the secret drunk. gets drunk in secret. uses it to make his funny ocs

@chaos_generator_13 language

Tarryn: "Dammit, that's the 9th beer. Stupid magic…"
Ari: "C-come on babe, let's do it. Riiightl here, uwu."
Kris: "Get that shit away from me."
Dieker: "aLpHaBeTtI sPaGhEtTi!!!!"
Rhine: "Swiggity sweeze, I'm coming for that cheese."

@Young-Dusty-the-Monarch-of-Dusteria group

(ooh I wanna do this for my aliens too!)
Brell: Her winter-bound planet has a special drink called Brye made from a certain spicy root that they use as a pick-me-up after a long day out on the tundra. It's not alcoholic, exactly–more like caffeine really–but it's considered an adult drink and mildly addictive. Brell drinks a little more Brye than she should, mostly to soothe the stress, rage and burnout she feels after dealing with her fellow council members. She gets much more mellow and sweet after a few mugs, and might even decide that the council isn't so bad after all. If she doesn't get at least a cup a day, she usually punches someone.
Abdan: Their culture does a lot of experimenting with fermentation to come up with new Happy Juice recipes, pretty much just for fun. Abdan themself is a party-loving individual who prefers fancy cocktails with weird side-effects. They also do a lot of singing when drunk, and know way too many improper old songs for their own good. Is considered a nightmare to chaperone.
Salaam: Is Abdan's unofficial chaperone. Doesn't drink much personally, except at formal events or maybe during a late night of programming and paperwork. Has never gotten truly drunk in their life. Abdan calls them a party-pooper.
Veertaka: He's getting on in years and his physician had told him that maybe drinking isn't such a good idea anymore. He still sneaks a few tiny glasses of the traditional, expensive fungi wine once in a while, because "I payed for the tcharving stuff, it can't go to waste." Back when he used to drink a lot on holidays and imperial gatherings, he'd get very loud and usually talk everyone's ears off about politics and his annoying in-laws.
Ayr: His species don't need to eat or drink–in fact if they did, it would pollute their essence and cause health problems. Ayr has always been mildly curious about what it's like to get drunk, but never tempted to try it.
Cyevrui: Her people do have a sort of aged fruit juice concoction that could count as alcoholic, but it's strictly for medicinal purposes and shamanic rites–never a recreational drink. Cyevrui's only had some once, when she was initiated as an ambassador, and it made her feel quite sick. She secretly feels uncomfortable around the others when they drink a lot, since by her tribe's laws and wisdom, they're spoiling the balance of their spirits by abusing a sacred liquid.
Droid Attra: Confused tilt of head Silly fuel? Is tasty? Makes Ambassador Abdan very happy? Will try silly fuel…. Carefully pours a glass into its biofuel compartment before anyone can stop it Hmmm…..processing….awaiting happiness…..error….fatal error….. will now shut dow– Hits the ground like a felled tree and has to undergo a major deep-clean before it can function again

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kacey doesn't like to get drunk because she isn't in control of her actions, but if she's had a particularly stressful day she'll have a can of beer or something. when drunk, she gets extremely emotional and clingy.
nabila can't drink because of her religion.
karuko drinks in moderation and likes flasks of tequila/vodka, even though she hates the taste of it. she's a loud drunk and will constantly put herself in danger or get everybody's attention.


Jason is terrified of alcohol, but on the rare occasion he's mistook a non alcoholic for an alcoholic one he gets extremely no bullshit and nonstop calls people out on their mistakes and wrongdoings
Stephen doesn't drink. Ever. He has issues with alcohol as a concept. His dad drank a lot and Stephen partially blames that for how abusive his father was to him.