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August Johnson

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August is a pre-med student at Ames on a full scholarship, which is both a source of immense pride and a source of immense stress for him. He’s a warm, levelheaded, and hard-working person, but he doubts his ability to “fit in” at Ames. He is deeply anxious (due at least in part to being deeply overworked) and tends to self-sabotage, so the friendships that he made last semester are somewhat shallow.

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Darcy Harris

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Dr. Devine’s niece, and the "TA" of Mysteries of Ames. As far as she knows, he’s trying to write a book about the cryptozoology of Ames Forest, which is a good enough reason for him to send them out into the woods to hunt for cryptids every other night, right? Darcy is a smug, self-possessed genius with hidden vulnerability, incredible magical talents and even more incredible magical potential, but for someone wit...

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Jesse Marek

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As the most eccentric hot boy at his old prep school, Jesse is used to being impressive, and unceasingly desperate to be loved. However, last semester, when he reported his (now former) frat for some genuinely terrible conduct violations, they royally fucked him over (along with his reputation). Though he can be insecure and unstable, Jesse is a charming, clever, and kind person who isn’t going to let his old frat...

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Page Fitzroy

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Page got accepted (or rather, aggressively recruited) to Ames on what she thinks is a track scholarship, but she tore her ACL last semester under mysterious circumstances and is in need of a new way to occupy her time. A brave, good-natured knight in shining armor, she is about to find out a lot of big things she never knew: for instance, she's the chosen one!

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Silas Vogel

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A remarkably shy person, Silas will not socialize unless he is forced to, and even then, who knows? While getting to know him can be a monumental task, he is a sweet, nurturing, and insightful person: he isn't majoring in psychology for nothing. But while there is plenty to appreciate underneath his quiet exterior, when nobody is perceptive enough to appreciate it first semester, he finds himself lonely and insecu...

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