forum Pov: Your character's kid comes out as trans
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Lybra: okie dokie, good for you, kid. if you tell your dad, you're gonna have to explain what that means
Ali (not human and does not perceive gender): …what does that mean?


Most of my characters wouldn't raise children so I'm only really doing the ones that would. It is also for the most part hypothetical children.

Harli: "First things first, I want you to know I love you no matter what. Now do you need a new wardrobe? Have a name picked out yet?" He says it all with a warm smile.

Landers: "So you're transforming your gender?" After having it properly explained to him: "Oh, yeah! Go for it kid! Wait, does this mean you get a whole new name too? I love picking names, do you want help figuring one out?"

Lennon: "And I was here thinking I'd prepared for everything. So what are we talking here, do you want to medically transition at some point or just socially transition?"

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(so almost all of my characters are trans anyway)
Simon: Me too! But for real tho, congrats to you, coming out is a whole experience. What shall I call you?
CJ: hugs first Kiddo, I am so proud of you, thank you for telling me.
Logan: I was about your age when I came out. I'm very proud to be your dad. What pronouns would you like me to use for you?
Dean: Hell yeah. Good on you kid for letting me know. What's the name situation?
Henry: Oh wonderful! I thought you were gonna tell me you were pregnant/got someone pregnant! Or doing drugs. But this is wonderful news!

(these are my villains but none of them are transphobic. they're just mean.)
Madeline: That's it? Jesus, does it look like I give a shit? I have sex with a shapeshifting demon on the regular.
Ava: I'm so proud of you. May I ask what I should refer to you as?
Peter: Nice. You better pick a good name though.
James: Oh, please don't cry, it's okay! Thank you for letting me know.
Xavier: You're a demon. We're all trans.

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(My married one couple that has like five children)

Julian: Hugs and hugs I’m so proud of you! Thank you for telling me! Do you have a name picked out? Talking a mile per minute

Bane: I will always love you no matter what Wipes tears away and smiles I’m proud of you, it takes a lot of courage. What would you like your name to be? That’s a nice one, I love it All said in a gentle manor

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Em: Oh cool. Why are you crying? You do know that like,,, does mental calculations three? No, four- of my siblings are trans right?


I can't imagine any of them taking it badly. Naomi and CJ are both queer military veterans; I'm not sure Brandee is entirely cis herself; Kieron has ties to a culture that's acknowledged and validated trans people since pre-colonial times; and Talula is definitely not entirely cis.

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Daralin: awesome im so proud of you.but im not sure how to bind or any of that stuff, i can find someone/something to help you though–oh gods, why are you crying? no no please no crying if you cry i'll cry no no please
Enid: you know that i will love you forever and ever no matter who you are, yeah? have you thought any names yet?

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Raje: Legit.
Kip: *Never had kids
Mic: Thanks for letting me know, if anyone EVER taunts you I'll freeze 'em to death
Livvy: *Gasps Duh, if you want to talk about it let me know. I am happy for you but also NOT in the mood for a sappy conversation so understand I love you and fill in the gaps.


Rin: What are your pronouns? Do you have a new name? I'll get started on the paperwork immediately. Let me know if you want any more help, and don't do anything drastic without asking me.
Lea: Oh cool! Me too, actually! Wanna reintroduce yourself?
Aera: panics about what to say I love you
Esta: Tell me everything. We are getting you a perfect redesign.


Hailey: not fazed at all Finally.
Scarlett (now Samuel): what?
Hailey: honey you use to run around the house in your brothers clothes and whenever I'd try to call you and tell you to slow down you'd say "nO mommy I'm Chad" and you wouldn't listen till I called you Chad
Blake: she- smack
Hailey: mom look
Blake: sorry sorry. He did?
Hailey: oh mio Dio… (Italian for oh my god)


I'm going to do a few more of my characters.

Orion and Walton (they're married)
Walton: That explains a lot. So you dress like a girl because you are one.
Orion: My sweet baby, your dad's here for you, and I love you. But I'm also going to need you to explain it to me like I'm five. Also, Walt, shut up, they can dress however they want.

Heath: looks around awkwardly You know I'm trans too right?..

Marcelo: Here sit down, let's talk this through. I can't really say I'm surprised, but I am glad you feel comfortable enough to share this with me. (In his head, "I said that right, didn't I? I'm not making them feel bad or anything, right? What am I supposed to say? God, being a parent is hard")

Anthony: Do I turn everyone trans? I'm trans, the (platonic) love of my life is trans, and now you're trans, that's like everyone in my life.

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Eric: okay cool but I asked you to take out the trash thirty minutes ago so what the fuck.
Colton: yeah that's sick and all but your failing math and I need at least one person in this household to make a living so get you shit together
Shane: [whips out psychology textbook] and how does that make you feel 🤔
Memphis: [sobbing] Iloveyousomuch-
Craig: I don't really know much about that but okay I love you good job [thumbs up]
Jay: I'm your dad so I love and respect you but your new name is embarrassing let me help you pick a better one!
Markus: cool beans :D
Jack: oh sweetheart, thank you for telling me <3
Dennis: what the fuck is a trangender. Oh. Okay the cool I guess hey can we watch powerrangers now or what


REI : you're life you're choice, honestly idc

NYX : what does that mean ?

AJAX : that mean you will even change you're name ? LET ME HELP YOU I WOULD LOVE TO FIND YOU A NEW NAME KIDDO

KIM : are you serious or it's just one of rei prank ? wait really ? what you're pronous and new name then ??

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Kathy: aye me too, niño- I’ve got your back just tell me what your size is and I’ll go get you a binder. [highfives] go ask goi about the hormone replacement therapy.

Goi: oh? Alright! Thank you for trusting me with that, sweetie. If you want we could start you on hormone replacement therapy.

Noby: ….wanna use a binder? [offers binder that somehow fits perfectly]

Buba: really? Cool! My big brother is trans!

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Dazie: Cool (goes back to eating cereal)

Euclidian: Have you chosen a new name or do you want to go by your old name, do you have new pronouns, have you told your siblings yet, etc.

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various renditions of "HELL FUCKIN' YEEAAHH"
no character of mine is doing the transphobia, thanks

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it would take tex a little to understand, he would argue at first thinking it's wrong but he would love them so much that he'd force himself to understand and respect them. eventually he would learn every single thing about trans people and become an activist.
(i love this little southern cowboy man)

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Maddie: I'm gay, do you really think I would have a problem with this? You want a surgery or something? Umm, do you want to go shopping for a binder? And new clothes? What do you need? I support you either way.