forum POV: A child walks up to your character and ask "Are you my mama/dada?"
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Ralph: You better hope not kid
Carine: Poor thing! I'll help you find your parents, ok? Come with me!
Noemie: Who said that? Looks around until child speaks again Oh hello little man, I am not your mama, but I can try to help you look for them.
Benoit: Tears up I can help you find your dad. Where did you last see him? Internally thinks I hope he is not dead I hope he is not dead
Nora: You shouldn't be wandering around like this, do you know how much your mama is worried about you right now? You need to stay with me now, I'll help you find them. Don't you dare wander off. And for pete's sake use this tissue, your skin will rash if you keep crying like that.
Lora: Aww what a cute little kid. Sorry I'm not your mama, hope you find her soon, good luck!
Myles: looks around awkwardly for parents I'm not your daddy sorry…Are you lost? You can stay with me while you look for him if you want; I don't mind.
Estel: You are always getting lost Marino! You should really know your way around by now. Oh, do you want a piece of candy, I bought these ten minutes ago and they are surprisingly really good. I like your sweater by the way. Monkeys are so cute.
Ayo: Wonders why this kid has come into his lonely hospital room No?
Shaan: Marino? What are you doing out so late? You'll be missing supper. I know your mama is a good cook, are you feeling ok?

You can guess which one is an actual parent in the story


Marsh: No, I'm sorry but I can help you find your dad??
Rowan: No offense child, but I'd literally go back to hell than be a dad at 15…
Nadia: Ew…
Cedric: I hope not. Do I have a kid that I never knew about??
Nia: Oh you must be so scared..cmon we gotta find your mom…

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Alistair: I'm gay lmao.
Joel: What would you do if there was a child right in front of you "shfsosif boosh" vine
Dahlia: Oh, honey, are you lost? Let's go find your parent(s)!
Vladimir: No, time to die.
LU-C1: No. I am a robot. I cannot sexually reproduce.
Ellie: I'm a lesbian lmao.
Allison: My husband died before I could ever have a child, but I'd be happy to adopt you!

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Whim: No, I'm not little one. I apologize, but i can assist in finding them? + Pats kid on head+
Wish: No. Whyever would you think that? I can help finding them though.
Judas: You must be incompetent kid
Axo: No, but I can help find them!


Emilio: Aw FUCK no-wait, shit, no- WAIT NO I MEAN HECK. AW HECK NO. DAMMIT- NOOOOO
Felix: Uhhhhhh now where did you get that idea.
Benji (a 15 year old): First of all, YES ABLOSUTLEY I am your new fatherly figure. Second of all, you don't know who your parents are? You're a loser, and clearly need my expert guidance. COME ALONG NEW SON/DAUGHTER
Riley: Ha. No. Come on, let's go find your parents.
Steven: burying his face in his hands in anguish Well, now I am. I don't have a choice, do I? You're adopting me, aren't you?
Daisy: delighted Well, now I am! You don't have a choice, kiddo! I'm adopting you!

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ruth: (straight up ignores the child, walks away)
adelaide: no, honey. do you know where your parents are?
jessica: i can be. (would genuinely trick the child and raise them as her own)
pip: dude, no. what the hell. where are your parents? actually, fuck it, have you ever played poker?
michael: okay, come on, let's find your parents. i bet they're worried sick
harry: (idk how he would react, but if the child is stupid enough to go up to him, whatever happens is on them)

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For Siirawyn, this question has multiple answers depending on what stage of life Siirawyn is in. For this, I’ll just do the major arcs of his life.

21 year old Siirawyn worriedly glances at the child almost immediately, checking around for possible parents. After a moment, he says, “Uhm..No? Where are they?” He tries to work together with the child to find their parent(s).

33-40 year old Siirawyn (and maybe a bit before 33) is likely to silently look to the child, with no worry visible on his face. If anything, he appears mildly annoyed, although the expression is only visible in his eyes. “It’s not safe out here,” he would say in a neutral tone, “for a child. There are bad people, very bad people. I don’t know where your parents are, so I suggest you run along now, yeah?” He otherwise goes to ignore the child, not reacting to whatever they do.

40+ year old Siirawyn to 1294 years does literally nothing. Why would a child go up to a tree and ask if it’s their parent?

1294 year old Siirawyn and beyond might produce a rumble/growl as he slowly looks down to the child. “I’ve no blood-kin, child. And I haven’t adopted either. It’s not a place for you to be, child. Leave.” Although he’s not extremely kind in tone, he’s not rude either - but clearly intends for the child to run along. Similar to the second response, he makes no attempts to help the child aside from maybe protecting them and distantly following at least until they leave his sanctum.


Zara: Calls Daisy if Daisy is nearby. Otherwise just stares. Mentally: small child small child small child what do I do I am not prepared for this-
Daisy: I'm not, sorry. Where did you last see your parents? I'll help you find them.
Niara: Not that I am aware of, why do you ask?
Phoenix: Why would you think that? Is this some kind of joke? (She has no idea how children work either)

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Layali: stares blankly…. but as ruler of this country I should probably help you find them.. slowly picks up child

Wolfie: Oh my goodness are you lost? C'mere I'll help you find em.

Wrench: whistles and keeps walking because that responsibility is simply too large

Jacob: Uh, no. But where did you last seem em, sweetheart?


Macy: WHERE? GIVES TO MEE WE MUST FIND THE PARENTS! Cue montage of the two chaotically asking random adults in the streets if they've lost their child

Barron: Ah, no as far as I'm aware I don't have a child… sooo who do you belong to? Looks around blankly and decides to buy the kid an icecream and ask around until he finds the parents

Viggo: mumbles Jesus, why do I always run into lost children?

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Gemma: (instant concern) Oh no, baby, but here, let's see if we can find them…

Mystee: Do I look like your mother??

Lee: Uuuuhhh, no? But, hey, maybe they're around here somewhere…

Eli: (eyebrows raise) No?

Jamie: I'm literally a teenager; not only that, I'm a short, bare-faced, very young-looking teenager. Explain to me how the heck I look like your father?!

Christian: (shakes head)


Andre: (concerned) I'm sorry, no, but perhaps I can help you look for them?

Copper: (looks child dead in the eye) No.

Sierra: (gasp) Are you lost, sweetie?? Come on, let's go find your parents, I'm sure they're around here somewhere–WISP, GO BLOODHOUND!!! WE HAVE A SMALL LOST CHILD IN DISTRESS!!!!

Janus: (eyes go round; stares at child for a minute in panic) N-n-no… (looks around frantically for one of the others to help)

Kage: (burst of nervous laughter) I'm a little concerned by the fact that I look even remotely like your father.

Annie: (very confused) No? (thinking) Your mother must have some wild-looking hair if you think I'm her.

Flash: (stares down at tiny human) I'm literally a winged horse, what the heck?

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Kamau: pats child on head and sits with them til the parents return

Hirudo: No. Have a lollipop.

Princess: I will kill anyone who tries to harm you child. I can’t guarantee your real parents will be safe either…

Zandra: shares her own experience with a mother and makes child laugh

Jasper: I have a child?

Talus: adopts child

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Kumi: Hi..? Uhm, i'm sorry but i am not your mother but I can help you find her! Kumi offers her hand to the child and starts looking for the parents
Maxine Do I look like your mother? Damn.. do I look that old?

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Addic: Maybe. Who old are you? Does some math I guess you could be.

Maia: Oh darling. There is no physical way for me to be your mamma. Points to Addic and whispers But he could be your dad

Violet: Oh sweetheart no, but Let me help you find them… here have a cookie.

Leo: Thinks while squinting Yes? no? I don't know. Do you want me to be your dad?

Liam: Yessssss? No wait. not possible. Clutches heart dramatically Forgot i was gay for a second there.

Tessa: While drinking and playing crap Nope. But here hold this. Hands then the bottle and proceeds to throw said dice

Maddie: I'm going to go with yes on this one. Picking them up and giving them a hug Aren't you just adorable. you will do wonderfully with the other's

Lucas(Is terrified): Nope! no. Not again. Never again. Go talk to someone else.

Smithy: Why? Do you think I am? 'Cus I'm not. I think. Ya no. I'll help you find them tho.

Leo#2: Turns around whispering Not my problem, not my problem, not my problem, not my problem.


Hector: Huh? What? No… But uhm… I can help you look for your parents? What do they look like
Kenzo: No, sorry kid. But I'll help you look
Silvia: No, now go away walks away and leaves the child to cry

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Marley: I'm not, but I sure wish I was! Now, come on, let's go find your parents before some sketchy people come and take you away…. hey, I was just jokin' don't cry-
Macey: Hell no, get out of here before I punt you into the fucking sky.
Luna: Um, no, ew. Do I look old enough to be a mom? I'm WAY too hot for that.
Abraham: No, I'm sorry. Do you know who your parents are, or where you saw them last? Okay… do you know where you live? I promise, I won't tell anyone. Lead the way, I trust you.

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Rowan: AAAHHH YOUR SO CUTE! oops, sorry if I scared you. come on kairos! can we please adopt them! Please!
Kairos: Rowan, no we need to find this kid's parents. (bends down to look kid in the eyes) do you know your what your mommy and daddy look like? could you try and describe them?
Kali: hehe~ sure kid! what is your name? hmmm how about I call you mira! I'll take you to meet your other parent, your going to love them!
Eri: Kali, why is there a child with you? YOU WHAT! (sighs) I guess I need to make sure you don't mess up this child too much
kaire: Princess! A small child! where are your parents young one? I will help you find them!


Doria:What irresponsible parent left their child alone
Fikri:Do I look like-
Mia:No,but I can help you find your parents sweetie

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titus: he wouldn't even say anything, he'd just spook the kid because he's a ghost and make them run away crying (on purpose).

cyrille: "obviously not, but i can help you find them. follow me." she would not let the kid within two feet of her though.

wade: "uhhhhh…… no?" he has absolutely no experience with children and no idea what to do

annie: "aw, hi little one. i'm not, but we can go find them. do you know where you last saw them?" she would take the kid's hand and search FOREVER to find them, and if they don't have parents she would take them in.

manta: "i appreciate it, but no." they don't mean to be rude they've just never encountered a lost child before.

skelley: "nuh uh bud." they would redirect the kid to annie.

ian: "no? where are your parents???" not really worried about the kid, but about being left alone.

tex: "nope. they're probably dead." he would probably drop the kid off at a police station so they could deal with it.

rooney: "HELL no! where here did you get that idea?? scram, kid." he would then get VERY attached.

odessa: "ermmm… no." she would bring the child to wade to ask what to do with them and they'd both be confused.

benny: "no, but i could totally be a cool brother! what do you wanna do first?" tex would eventually tell him to let the kid go but he would never.

salem: "oh my god! no, i'm not, where are your parents, what are you doing here-" she would get so scared for the kid and not know what to do. she'd freak out but eventually figure out who the parents are.

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Moss: No, I am god.
Jenn: No hunny, I can help you find them.
Lily: Oh sweetie where are your parents?
Angie: Gives the child a lollipop and looks for their parents
Devia: No.
Jess: Sorry hun, I'm not anyone Mama right now.
Hali: Probably.
Marissa: picks up child and lets them sit on her hip bones Bubs were are ur parents?
Seline: Tearing up Oh baby, I'm not your mama or dada. Do you know where they went? Do you have parents? Let's go to the front entrance/counter/front desk.
Kity: Ew, no.
Ashlyn: Yes. Come on hun.

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Goi: ohhhh! Sweetie! No but we can look for them! picks the child up and carries them around tryna find their parents
Kathy: Chuckles and picks up the kid naw kiddo…but let’s go find them, hm?
Noby: shocked silence uh- no hun- lets look for them- where tf is this kids parents
Nadea: ……mine now-
Noah: 0-0 uh- goiiiiii?


Arcadio(young): uh no, I don’t know where they are, but that knight over there can help you

Arcadio(old): Lost your mom kid? Don’t worry I’ll help you find her, but she better appear I’m not adopting another child.

Atlas: Nah. Why? did you lose her?

Arcana: No

Antares: Yes. Where have you been son?

Lucio: No, did you lose her? Do you need help finding her?

Jean: Why do lost people always find me?

Vendaval: No, did you get lost child? How did you get here?