forum judge my bbies pls and thank-
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i finally got to updating a few of my characters !!! (i still gotta update the rest tho-)
they're still not completely done, but i been working on backstories and personalities a lil bit more so-
for the time being i'd very much appreciate some critiques on the newly updated bbies uwuwuwu

you don't gotta do all of 'em, just pick one and go for it if ya want, i'll appreciate you either way :)

Akito: Akito Katsuki

Brad: Brad Parker

Carmen: Carmen Friesen

Cedrix: Cedrix Cyrus Claustem

Claudia: Claudia Agosti

Dagiia: Dagiia

Death (not quite done his backstory stuff yet but shhh-): Death

Emma: Emma Shepard

Hannah: Hannah Penner

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Okay so I’ve went through all of your characters and lemme just say this-
I absolutely love them!i would love to do learn more about this story you’ve got going! The whole human-avian, then theres death and celestial beings in it! Love that!! Then the whole the human-avians in the military (if ive read correctly that is) i love that! Again, i would love to hear more about the story sometime if you would be open to it!
(Deaths appearance description had me laughing i did have to admit!)
Some questions I’m just curious about-
Is this world they live in.. is basically everyone human-avians? (Except for the protagonist if i read correctly)
Also, with the description of their appearance. The only problem i had with these is that. Its a bit difficult for me to know what the character looks like with the short, one or two worded description for their appearance!
You can go in the templates of your characters in notebook and personalize them! Which has helped me a ton! So like, the facial features, nose and bone structure, maybe like the thinness or thickness of their hair, eyelashes, lips cheekbones, their style of clothing and maybe more description on the body type too? If you cant really, thats honestly totally fine. But like, most of your characters have wings, so i would maybe give me like a length description, the feathers, maybe what they look like! The strength of the feathers, where theyre positioned on them, the thinness or thickness of them too! If you dont want to write a ton, thats totally fine! I would at least include i bit more words and description with the face especially. I recommend really describing those so the reader can get an idea of what they look like without looking at some picture you found somewhere.
I love all of the characters different personalities, backgrounds and such! Thats really good and i like how much you wrote.

Okay so again, love love love the characters! I didnt think i would when i clicked on this, but as i started reading them, i really like them!! You did a really good job!
I’m so so so sorry if I didnt do a good job explaining! If you have any questions on what i told you, i would be more than happy to elaborate more!!


ahhh !!! thankies frien (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧
yea, i prolly should be more descriptive in how they look but i'm heavily procrastinating on that bc i'm bad at describing looks i- i'll definitely b snatching that advice tho, thank u :0

'nd to answer your question uwu
nope! there are normal humans as well as other races too, i just got to work on editing most of my bird people first XD and there's still a few more human-avians i need to edit :') so many birds-

'nd i'm glad you like their personalities and backgrounds !!! it actually took so much for me to try and describe that stuff properly i'm not very good at that- but i did it i guess ! \(T∇T)/
just ajcnkrnbkvtr thank you so much uwu

but ye, if you ever want me to spill my story to you i wouldn't mind XD

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

That's totoally understable!! I wasnt good at description for such a long time lol. Reading a lot really helps that though. Like actually books. Does wonders☆☆☆

Also, i would love that if you dont mind >~<


yeah that's fair XD but seriously thank u for the feedback frien i v v much appreciate u <3

'nd aight!! i already said i don't mind so all is good :D
is it alright if i pm you? bc i don't wanna dump all of it here 'nd last i was here people didn't like getting surprise pms so i wanna make sure !!! uwu


akjegmwtlfe ok so i dunno if it sent bc i was having internet troubles but i wanted to give ya some time just in case it DID go through-
but if ya didn't get it, is it alright if you pm me and i respond to send it? only if ya still care for the plot tho XD my computer clearly doesn't like me (இ﹏இ`。)