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Shai Demyra
You got the MC! Shai's impulsive, but can usually cover it up and sugarcoat it when she's done something. She's good at making mistakes, some with catastrophic stakes, but also really good at fixing them. She has a competitive streak, but who's counting? The Seafarer animal she shifts into is a green moray eel; quick, precise, and insanely cool. The insanely cool part especially. Image from Lynn on <3

Green moray eel, huh. Those are pretty cool.
This actually sounds kinda like me. Dunno about the whole catastrophic stakes part, but… shrugs
Also, Lynn did the pic of Shai? That's really good.

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Fern Levine

Fern's the one rational human being of the group. Honest - yay! - and a little bit the odd-one-out, she's usually the one who stops the others from running headfirst into trouble and traps. Granted a Seafarer bracelet, she's the only human in the world who can turn into a Japanese spider crab. Lesbian, funny when she wants to be and cares a lot about her friends. Everyone needs a friend like Fern.

Fairly accurate, give or take a few details.

Love the animals. Japanese spider crabs are absolutely fascinating. And I love eels.


Ali'sen-dera (he/him)

hey. bestie. the trauma? you have to address it at some point, mkay? you can't keep shoving it aside. Besides that, you're a pretty quiet person, you keep a very close group of friends and you don't really like to branch out. when you start a project, you do your best to see it through to the end, even if you get distracted a lot. you always have a sarcastic response to everything and you're also weirdly fashionable. like you're not trying to be, but somehow, you are. anyways you're hot and i love you mwah <3

You see right through me

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I got Shai, lmao. I relate, but also ^^^ Ali'sen-dera- both of dem are me, lol. I gots trauma, a close group of friends, I make catastrophic mistakes, and I'm the best possible friend you'll have!

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I also got Fern, I'd say it's pretty accurate!

I loved this quiz, and I love the sound of your story from what I can gather! As an aspiring marine biologist, the whole ocean theme really interests me!

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Luke Xiidike
You got Luke. You're also a human - why did I even put humans in this Seafarer quiz? You've been granted the power to shift between a human form and that of a pink boto river dolphin. Lying is for liars who get caught, and you're too good for that ;) The line between good and bad is somewhat blurred for you, but there's nothing you won't do for your friends. Fun fact: Luke's got a cactus named Fred. If you got Luke, that probably means something to you. Enjoy trying to figure it out.
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