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Okay, who are the good guys and who are the ones you want to avoid? I know that Astral and Derlik you should stay away from, but who else?


Well, Nix is going to be in a foursome with Astral, Derlik, and Halm (who is very unstable in our roleplay)
So basically he's fucked

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I have nine in total:

Astral- Sun- AVOID
Marcos- Moon- Be cautious
Celeste- Stars- She's chill, slightly patronizing

Derlik- Chaos- Slippery fucking slope
Ethal- Bloodlust- AVOID
Bustal- War- Be v e r y careful with him

Halm: Souls- Usually the best out of all of them, but recently no
Fale- Eternity- She can be cold but she's caring
Serna- Rebirth- She's amazing, always go to her for help and cookies

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Nope, no worries!
We can all continue our individual rps, and it's your individual choice as to whether this is cannon or not to your rps

also don't feel pressured into always keeping up, it makes total sense characters won't be able to be on all the time

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(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you see, I have already come up with a catch for that! It is cannon in my story the gods have electronics throughout the ages! So all we have to do is explain to him how it works and try not to freak him out too much XD)
(And I'll start in a bit! I've got something in mind! I'm just gonna finish up answering another rp)

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(Perfect! XD)

The computer turned on with a low hum. Marcos had said he had as much time as he wanted, but knowing how soon it was coming, he was in a rush. He need to find someone, anyone, who was in the same situation he was. He pulled up the website he had found the day before, starting a new thread.

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Hello? Is there anyone else who has to deal with the gods..? I probably shouldn't even be saying this, but is there anyone at all? Astral, Derlik, hell anyone else who's Claimed out there? It's just a shot in the dark, I know. I just– I'm tired of being so alone in this.


Simon was sitting in his room, alone with all the lights off, mindlessly scrolling through the internet, the way he preferred to spend his days now. He’d stumbled upon a chat website a few days before, and had been checking it once in awhile. But nothing had caught his eye, until today. He quickly opened the chat room, reading through the message. He knew he shouldn’t get himself involved in it…but he really couldn’t help himself. He didn’t create an account for the moment, writing back anonymously.

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Hello, I believe we may be in a similar situation.

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The brightest smile came to the man's face when he saw the response, but it quickly disappeared. He had no reason to trust this person was telling the truth just yet. He would hold back the his feelings for now, but he couldn't help but feel excited a bit.

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Really? Which god Claimed you?


Simon instantly began to grow nervous at the other’s message. He wouldn’t get in trouble for this, right? Honestly he wasn’t entirely sure. It still felt like Astral watched his every move and knew everything he did. Which he knew was ridiculous but he couldn’t dismiss the belief no matter how hard he’d tried. So he’d reply truthfully, but still dreaded the consequences.

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*The man bit his lip. Astral? It had been one of the gods he had mentioned before, which made him unsure if he trusted the person. Even so, if it was true, this person must have been through hell and back if that was who it was.

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Please don't take offense, but I don't know if I can trust you. Is there something only we would know that you could tell me? It don't have to be in context.

The man paused, thinking. for a moment.

I rather it wasn't.


He honestly wasn’t that surprised when the other doubted him, especially since Simon was posting all of this anonymously.

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None taken, this is the internet after all

He didn’t want to go too in depth on his experience for rather obvious reasons. Especially when he had a habit or morbidly oversharing. He’d start with something simple, and if that’s all the stranger needed, it’d be better for the both of them.

The trinkets he has scattered around his living room, they all used to be people. And the “masterpiece” he makes on that one wall with each of his toys when he first finds them.


Torin stared down at the device in his hands. Marcos had given it to him, and as he had gotten used to using it, he had stumbled across a chat forum.

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Hello. I believe I'm in a similar situation as well. I was claimed by Marcos.

He bit his lip faintly.

(yes, Torin's username is a Les Mis reference don't @ me)