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Utopian Dream

Create the "perfect" fictional government. Who's in charge? How are collective decisions made? What values does your society hold and how do they honor those?
Competition DatesThis competition is accepting submissions from November 26 through December 15. A winner will be chosen by December 21.The PrizeOne winner will be chosen and awarded 6 months of free Premium.Submission GuidelinesTo get started, just create a Government page and submit it here. That's it!

  • We encourage you to include a brief description of your government when submtting, but it's not required. Any description you provide will be visible to judges and those browsing the submissions after the competition is over.

  • Once you submit your entry, it cannot be edited. There's no benefit to submitting early, so please only submit your government when you feel it is ready!

  • You can submit as many Governments as you would like; please make a separate submittion for each Government.

  • Submissions will be accepted from November 26 to December 15, closing at noon PST on December 15, 2022.

Judging Criteria
On December 15, submissions will be closed and judging will begin. Here's what the judging process will look like:

  • A small panel of users will read through and review each submitted Government. If they choose to provide personal feedback on any submission, that feedback will be provided privately.

  • Submissions will be judged on creativity, thoughtful details, realism, and adherence to the prompt.

  • This is a worldbuilding competition, so we're looking for interesting descriptions of new, fictional governments - not descriptions of real-world governments that may or may not fit into either category.

A winner will be chosen by December 21!

The People of Fjadaki government close

Hi! This is my utopia government submission. The People of Fjadaki government creates an ecological, economic, and religious utopia on the continent Brejon Ewortaj on the planet Ra Fessandar. This is based off of a story (called The Child Who Killed a King) I am currently writing, but this government exists before that story takes place. I'm really happy that this competition came about at this time as I have been really interested in economics and just completed an economic freedom project. I wanted to particularly explore what a ecological and religious utopia would look like. I hope whoever reads this enjoys it! Thank you for this opportunity!

Council of Worlds more_vert

Submitted by @RiverLily

Council of Worlds close

Council of Worlds is a council of three worlds: Earth, Aerith, and Cavihos. Enjoy my government, I hope you like it!