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hi i'm charlotte! they/them! i'm 21 years old, an aquarius, an entp, chaotic good, and a big fan of chopping up vegetables to relieve agg...


Been working on a fanfiction series for almost five years now. It'll come out eventually, hopefully XD Joined about a year after Noteboo...

Hi, the name’s Ilias, he/him. Forcing the characters and sleep paralysis demons who live in my head to pay rent. Eng + un peu fr OK !

hi, i'm wren, i write stuff and fail at life. i'm gay and bad at math, but hey, at least i can make some bomb ass spaghetti. i'm lonely a...

Hi I am Bri and I like to talk,and I hope I make friends ❤️

I am 17 just a extremely exhausted high school student 🙄

Sassy, classy with a touch of badassy. I am 15 : matching profile With Fatal