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Twilight Forest

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A world that exists outside of normal reality. Day and night cycles are still evident but only a brightening and darkening break the cycle of seemingly permanent twilight. The people of this realm are skilled in all forms of magic and many powerful monsters roam the forest that covers most of this world.

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One of the first worlds to appear when the multiverse was formed.
First King: Virholt Aramathe, The Monster King
War of the Eclipse 0-300 TR, between Twilight Forest and Nether
Twilight Wars 6890-6995, waged by Dark Lord Dante Hellestrande against the Deep Dark

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Magic comes from within, prayer to the gods, or from countless hours of study and meditation

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Physics are normal but can be altered easily

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Nuclear fission is possible as is experimentation of antimatter, red matter, and force fields.

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group James Starr Lord of the Twilight Forest
group Dante Etheria Antioch Terminus Hellstrande Main protagonist
group Delphia Amoran Princess, Little Sister to main protag
group Lilly Everline Supporting Character/Love Interest

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emoji_events Oblivion A blade of pure, magically-strengthened silver with a sturdy black hilt. The blade is approximately 4 1/2 feet long and can only be wielded by a member of the Hellstrande family

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