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It's high fantasy - with no magic.

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The capital city is home to the twelve ruling families that preside over the country of Darion. Was formed when twelve tribes came together in a coalition to escape invaders from the North.

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Darion is the alliance of twelve tribes that came together as they were fleeing the Kitchrion Horde of the north. Estonie is the capital city of Darion. Each of the twelve tribes, while they could stand on their own and had their own diverse cultures, were particularly advanced in one aspect of governance. These aspects would later become house roles in the Pravaci Court.

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Between Renaissance and Medieval times - gunpowder not discovered yet. No cannons or guns. Pumps are heated by fire places for bath water. Aqueducts. War ships.

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I don't know if there is one. To be determined.

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The capital city, a port, place of the Pravaci District.

This story uses a distinctly feminine villain, who uses the stereotypes of femininity to hide in the shadows. Attacking a mother, preying and manipulating the reputation of a fellow female, weaponizing miscarriages. They’re all things that men couldn’t think of doing and women (shouldn’t) dare think of doing. The deliberate manipulation of the societal views of femininity seems like more of an attack than the attack itself. It feels like a betrayal of our sex. And that’s why Straivia is terrifying. She isn’t bound by societal pressure or societal morality, she is driven purely by the best outcome.

Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Danrion?

Nazi Germany/ Imperialist Japan, Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare, Greek Mythology, International Relations, English Monarchy

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This universe contains...
27 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Maious Gimnt One of the Trainers, Weapon Master
group Straivia Uradavi Antagonist
group Solin Seblire Strisen and Kraiotan's Father
group Marielle Deracose Mother / Ghost?
group Old Lady Camran Old Woman in Holvim [[Location-82299]]
group Kraiotan Seblire Protagonist
group Onell Surrogate Mother
group Ormowski Philosopher, long dead
group Aelina Toulerin She is the best friend of Strisen Seblire and will become one of Natiselle's best friends.
group Caiusen Uradavi
group Etela Distraction for Kraiotan/Agent for Straivia/Turncoat?
group Natiselle Deracose Protagonist
group Erion Uradavi Teacher, mentor
group Strisen Seblire Protagonist
group Lorias Uradavi He kills his brother Erion
group Jerlorn Deracose Dark Father Figure, to be redeemed
group Jaston Deracose Takes over the military after the fall of House Deracose.+
group Minor Characters
group Eline Seblire Queen and Education Champion
group Tibrul Uradavi 4th Uradavi Son
group Briness Vrualti She is the main seamstress and the heir to the Vrualti family
group Geraln The guy who picks up food from the market.
group Ireana Tavernmaid
group Josit Uradavi Closest brother to Erion
group Reviante Bestolin Puppet Regent
group Sela The Master Courtesan/ Takes Over for Erion when he disappears
group Anions Fion Erion's Handler

11 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Canise In Lian
terrain The Fountains of Eldinsen
terrain Lian Onell’s Homeland
terrain Estonie Think Naboo, but less waterfalls.
terrain Rondolvo Simple
terrain Kicrion Led to the twelve families building Estonie
terrain Holvim Next to the mill
terrain Darion
terrain Stricia Trading partner, sea faring people
terrain Enmusburg
terrain Macrat Most distinguishable is its mountain range.

7 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Kento Tiles Basically Dominoes/Rummicube/Mahjong
emoji_events Pravo Silver Coin about the size of a silver dollar
emoji_events Golkan Root Brings you temporarily close enough to death that spirits trapped in between can communicate with you.
emoji_events Strisen's Puzzle Box Created by Marielle to match Kraio's. When the two are linked together, the interlocking pieces will free up pieces on the sides of the box so that their signet rings will fall out.
emoji_events Rondolvan Hocat cards
emoji_events Marielle's Ceremonial Dagger Jeweled hilt with Deracose crest on it, Sapphires
emoji_events Kraiotan's Puzzle Box Will be found with his mother's things once his father meets him. Can only be opened with his brother's box connected. Made from Cherry Wood

2 lores reorder
book Lores close
book Plenon's Myth A story told to Kraio who is wrestling with his identity. [[Character-315867]] [[Character-315872]] [[Universe-94748]]
book The Beginning of the Pravaci Court Twelve tribes came together to band against the attackers from the north.

2 religions reorder
brightness_7 Religions close
brightness_7 Hyeon Ja
brightness_7 Untitled religion The only monotheistic religion in the region

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