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Tales of North and South

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A place with a great history and a great many nations, each warring with the other. This is a place with it's own sort of magic in people great and small

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A Fantasy-esq world

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0 - Dragons hatch in what is now known as the Heart of Dragons, which is a cave system located in the Great Desert in both Kohle and Eidelfel lands, and remains the only place that dragons have been found. The heat caused by these hatched dragons ends the Great Frost that had engulfed both southern and northern continents up until this point, although the Northern most section of land in Lott and Hirat are still ice ridden, these lands being known as Winter Land.

9 - The magical radiation caused by the dragons hatching and the sudden climate change of the world caused a defected gene to come to surface in random babies and children. These defects create what is called a Whynder. There are two types of Whynders; heart and soul. A Heart Whynder is someone who is born without a heartbeat, yet remains breathing and lives as a fully functional human. A Soul Whynder is not born, they occur when someone dies and only half their soul leaves their body; they too remain a fully functional human. These people where shunned and disowned by their tribes and feared for the unnatural abilities. A Whynder will continue to age until they are fully grown, and then all ageing seems to stop. A Whynder lacks the ability to die of natural causes or of injury. At this time it is unknown how to kill a Whynder. The word Whynder comes from the ancient tongue for 'death'

49 - A tribesman known as Zazzuran Heartsbane lived in the area of land now known as Kohle. His home lands were ridden with Whynders. It was in this year that Zazzuran successfully killed a Heart Whynder. He did this by ripping out the heart of a Whynder. He was then reported to eat the heart of his victims. He was the first person to kill a Whynder. This is what gave him the name of Heartsbane.

60 - Zazzuran Heartsbane had four sons: Zazzuran II, Zorlan, Zirun and Zazzuman. He taught his sons the secrets to killing Heart Whynders. His sons named themselves Heart Hunters, and would pass on their family legacy throughout future generations. These four sons would also go forth to father the four tribes of Kohle.

65 - Zazzuran II, son of Zazzuran Heartsbane, founded the tribe of the Dust People, which grew to be the largest tribe of the land. The tribe's home was located on the Western edge of the Great Sands. Zazzuran II had no sons so he taught his two daughters, Zazzalil and Jamilla, how to kill Heart Whynders

68 - Zirun, son of Zazzuran Heartsbane, founds his own tribe, known as the Sea People. This costal tribe is found on an outcrop of land the juts into the Southern Ocean. Zirun passes on Heart Hunting to his son Zirun II. This tribe was also the birthplace of Sea Witches.

75 - Zorlan, son of Zazzuran Heartsbane, plants the tribe of the Green People. These people are found west of the Great Desert and have a higher population of Soul Whynders. Zorlan passes Heart Hunting onto his children. Sons; Zukan and Hymazz, and daughter; Laryza.

75 - Zazzuman, youngest son of Zazzuran Heartsbane, finds his own tribe, whom he names the Kohle People. They are the northern most tribe of the four tribes and are found in the shadow of the Grey Mountains. He passes on the family legacy to his sons; Zazzuman II, Zazzuran II and Ezmyr

79 - Zorlan, founder of the Green People, is the first to kill a Soul Whynder. Legend has it that it takes a great ritual to remove the soul from a Soul Whynder. Zorlan passes this information down his family line, but it has since been lost. His descendants name themselves Soul Hunters

93 - The Kohle People, now under the leadership of Zazzuman's son Zazzuman II, conquer and settle the western country now known as Lameia. It had been unowned until this point and was dubbed West Kohle by Zazzuman II

106 - The country north of the Grey Mountains shows itself to the known world as the lands of Aluia. It is seen to be a very advanced society, already having constructed stone buildings and having their own currency.

117 - The Aluians seize West Kohle (Lameia) from the Kohle People and renaim it to the Southern Greens. The Aluians enslave the people living in this land.

141 - Zazzalil II is born as the third daughter of Zazzuran IV, son of Zazzuran III, son of Azuman, son of Zazzalil, daughter of Zazzuran II, son of Zazzuran Heartsbane.

145 - The Kohle People and the Aluians battle once more over the lands now known as Lameia. This fight for power continues on and off until the year 178

163 - Melynee, daughter of Zazzalil, is born a Heart Whynder. From birth her mother hides her so that she will not be hunted. It is not known who Melynee's father is but it is thought that he is not if the Dust People as the name Melynee is not a name found in their midst. It is not known what became of Melynee after her mother's death in the year 177

177 - The newly discovered kingdom of Eidelfel (meaning land of dragons) crosses the Great Desert and conquers the tribes of Dust, Sea and Green, but are stopped by the defending Kohle People

178 - Eidelfel takes the lands now known as Lameia from Aluia, who were holding the lands at the time, this ends the wars over the land between Aluia and Kohle

179 - After a year long war Eidelfel and Aluia sign a treaty of peace

211 - The Kohle People drive away Eidelfel forces and create borders in the Great Desert. Kohle establishes itself as its own kingdom

269 - The people of Eidelfel construct great ships and with these sail north, discovering the northern continent. They landed in the area of land now known as Verisse, claiming it for Eidelfel.

280 - Eidelfel settles the Eastern land of the northern continent, establishing their own cities

338 - Aluia build their own ships and sail north across the Aluian Strait and settle in the area of land known as the Cone

350 - Aluian expeditions sail west from the Cone and discover another continent made up of several closely located islands. They conquer the native people and claim the land as their own. They dub the land Western Islands

387 - A ship from Aluia to the Western Islands has a Soul Whynder sailor by the name of Aryman. Aryman ends up fathering a child with sea witch Erisea of the Western Islands which creates the first Siren who was named Zareiasea.

410 - A fleet of Aluian ships sail once more to the Western Islands. One of the sailors, Patryk, was said to have relations with a pure Siren named Cariah. This created the part Sirens.

463 - Kohle has created its own navy, though the people are not confidant sailors. These naval soldiers were planning on sailing across the Kohle Sea and attack the north of Eidelfel. This plan failed and instead the Kohle soldiers accidentally ended up in the northern continent in a patch of land that had not been claimed by either Aluia or Eidelfel. The Kohle took this land for themselves and name it Hirat, meaning north

562 - The people of the land still known as the Southern Greens band together to overthrow the Eidelfel rule. These people mostly made up of slaves destroy Eidelfel forces and create their own monarchy and kingdom. The people place slave leader Omarynn as their king. The people name their new kingdom Lameia. This was driven from the Aluian word Meiviere and the Eidelfel word Lamyn, both of which mean freedom

614 - Aluia builds the Castle of Aluia, creating it as a great fortress and seat of power. They place the family of Venemi in this seat.

629 - Eidelfel in an attempt to copy Aluia build their own great fortress and city to surround it, naming it the capital. The keepers of this fortress are the monarch family of Marrionneaux

660 - Eidelfel in their settled northern lands, named North Eidelfel, fight with settled Kohle people and drive natives further north to the snowy Winter Lands. However they are unsuccessful in driving away Kohle people.

705 - After continued fights between Eidelfel's north and the Kohle people of Hirat, the Hirati fend off the Eidelfel and formal borders are established.

757 - The people of North Eidelfel decide to split from Eidelfel and become their own country. War breaks out and the people of the north are successful and establish the border of the Gap Sea. This new kingdom names itself Cavisle, which comes from the old Eidelfel word for time. It is said that the war was won by Elarion.

758 - Elarion, who had a significant hand in the win of Cavisle, was named ruler of the land. The people gave him the name Klarica, which comes from the word Klarickisle meaning time keeper. Keeper of Time became Elarion Klarica's title. It is said that this is so because he was born with the gift of time travel and was able to relay the movements of the Eidelfel armies to his fellow rebels. It is also said that time travel has continued to be part of the Klarica family line and is what is referred to as 'the gift'.

782 - Cavisle invades Hirat. As the Cavislians like the sound of the Hirati tongue better then their own Eidelfel language the two languages merge to create the Cavislian tongue.

799 - After living alongside Cavislian forces the Hirati throw out the invaders and re-establish the preexisting borders.

811 - Kohle forces invade Lameia.

822 - Aluia invades Lameia

831 - Cavisle splits after a great civil war. This starts due to Ayron the Tall and Bereaux the Wicked wanting to rule the lands themselves, thinking that they could do a better job. Cavisle splits into three parts: Ayron the Tall named his kingdom Lott, Bereaux the Wicked named his Verisse, which means power, and Cavisle remained under the rule of Diarman Klarica, who was Keeper of Time at that time.

845 - Devan Klarica, who had a gift with animals, was able to tame the beast known as the Teller. Devan was able to train Tellers to carry message scrolls from one place to another. This revolutionised communications and enabled kingdoms to have better contact with their outposts and military commanders.

884 - Lameia successfully throws out invading Kohle and Aluian forces

896 - The Northernmost Soul Whynder, by the name of Maliah, is created

909 - A volcanoe erupts on the isle of Diamaneaux, which was an Eidelfel strong hold, causes distruction and great ruin, killing King Veron Marrionneaux. The island is now known as the Isle of Ruin.

945 - Aluia settles in the island known as Arak

1004 - Hirat seizes Arak from Aluia

1057 - Arman of Kohle dies of a fever. He, however, remains alive as a Soul Whynder and is believed to be the last Whynder to be created.

1073 - Allaralaz of Kohle, who is believed to be the last remaining Heart Whynder, is killed.

1120 - Kohle decides to use the few remaining Soul Whynders as war weapons, using hem to take the souls of their enemies.

1274 - The great fortified city of Winter Town is home to many people in the Winter Lands. However, while many people are crossing the bridge into Winter Town, there is a breakage and the bridge collapses killing hundreds of people, including Flornes Mason, his wife Lillia and son Dru, leaving daughters Dandilyen (14) , Deeanne (10) and Daisie (8) to fend for themselves.

1298 - A powerful family in Hirat, the Cicieregas, are framed for a great crime against the nation by the Doelgar family. This results in what is called the Cicierega demise. During the demise Edmund Cicierega (age 40) died along with wife Atlantys Morne (36) and three of their children, Jaren (16), Malia (15) and Avon (13). The four younger children all managed to escape the attack, them being twins Alearie and Alyria who were 10 at the time but were later caught and killed at age 19, Vanyen who was 8 at the time of the demise but was later caught and killed at age 9, and youngest child, Dana, who was 4 at the time, she has yet to be found and is believed to either be dead or unaware of who she is.

1304 - Kohle invades Lameia causing the Omarynn family to flee to Aluia

1305 - Keeper of Time Fabien Klarica is assassinated moments after naming his only daughter and youngest child, Shasta, as his heir. It is later discovered that the assassination was done by then 10 year old, Bryir Felick, who worked as companion to Shasta Klarica

1308 - Kohle invades Eidelfel, killing Princess Areinaya Marrionneaux (10) whose soul is taken by Soul Whynder Arman. The attack results in Princess Aialynne Marrionneaux fleeing to safety in Aluia.

1313 - Since the discovery and settlement of the Western Islands, Aluia forgot about them. One of the leaders of the Islands, Zayre, along with Siren Elda, make their way East to the Waste Lands and the Cove.

1315 - Dana Cicierega forms a society for those who have magical abilities. She does this with the assistance of Soul Whynder Arman and Melynee daughter of Zazzalil. Dana teaches the society how to embrace their magic as well as how to defend themselves without it.

1317 - Dana Cicierega and Amrick Manakatserman travel to Seablue castle in Hirat before going onwards to the Winter Town. This is the completion of a prophesy and enables Dana to be named the Wyntergrace

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group Bannen Efkarpidis Main Character: The Traveller
group Fabien Klarica Featured Character in Little Lyen Appears in Little Bird's Book of Lies
group Shasta Klarica Secondary Character: Little Bird's Book of Lies, Appears in Little Lyen
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group Areinaya Marrionneaux Appears in Soul Whynder Mentioned in Lady Time and Little Bird's Book of Lies
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group Ahren Secondary Character: Of Siren Blood
group Degenhardt Marrionneaux Main Character: Lady Time Appears in Little Bird's Book of Lies
group Tymond Lagresi Main Character: The Boy With the Silver Hair Appears in Journey From Lameia
group Charlemon Ranger Secondary Character: Don't Leave
group Oisín Neve Main Character: Willa of the Wisps
group Elda Main Character: Of Siren Blood
group Zazzalil II Main Character of Heart Hunter
group Zayre Secondary Character : Of Siren's Blood
group Vance Featured: Hidden in Plain Sight
group Mirabei Efkarpidis Secondary Character: Revolutionary
group Deeanne Mason Main Character: Little Lyen Appears in Little Bird's Book of Lies
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