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Magic Sandbox is a universe that just contains all my public superpower Magic pages. If anyone's looking for superpowers or abilities to give their characters, feel free to browse this universe and adopt anything you want!


Urban Fantasy

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flash_on Invisibility
flash_on Power Absorption The ability to absorb others' powers, gaining them at the expense of their original holders'.
flash_on Empathy Manipulation The ability to manipulate the emotions of those around you: inciting fear, remorse, happiness, sadness, etc.
flash_on Voodoo
flash_on Frozen Sight Whenever anyone sees someone with Frozen Sight, that person freezes in place and cannot move until they can no longer see the person with Frozen Sight (e.g. the person with Frozen Sight moves away ...
flash_on Inverted Aging Someone with this power ages in the opposite direction, growing younger every day instead of older.
flash_on Taunt The ability to enrage everyone nearby into attacking you (and only you).
flash_on Elemental Breath
flash_on Underwater Breathing
flash_on Stormcaller The ability to stir up storms, tornados, call down lightning, and incite other large-scale weather effects.
flash_on Relapse The ability to jump back in time to several seconds or minutes earlier.
flash_on Nightmaric The ability to induce a waking nightmare in someone, in which they are immobilized while they hallucinate their deepest fears.
flash_on Caustic Aura A passive aura that corrupts, sickens, and poisons everything nearby.
flash_on Demonic Conversion The ability to temporarily be controlled by an infernal demon.
flash_on Acid Reflux
flash_on Ethereal Allows the user to walk through walls.
flash_on Immunity The power to be unaffected by other people's passive abilities
flash_on Telepathy The ability to read minds and, eventually, project thoughts into others' minds.
flash_on Power Inversion Inverts someone's power so it grants the opposite effect
flash_on Dreamwalk Someone that can dreamwalk can slip into the dreams of someone else that is sleeping.
flash_on Clairvoyance The ability to remotely see others or what others are seeing.
flash_on Bodyswap The ability to teleport to someone else's location while simultaneously teleporting them to where you were.
flash_on One-way Time Travel The ability to travel one direction in time (either forward or backward), without being able to return to their original time. Perfect for the cliche martyr character that goes back in time to ...
flash_on Shapeshifting
flash_on Foresight The ability to see the imminent future of a course of events, allowing them to alter that future by making different actions.
flash_on Dampening Aura The ability to dampen or completely negate nearby powers and abilities.
flash_on Astral Projection
flash_on Deadsight The ability to see and speak to dead people.
flash_on Invulnerability
flash_on Omnicomprehension The ability to instantly understand anything.
flash_on Animal Whisperer The ability to talk to animals.
flash_on Blinding Light A passive ability that amplifies and reflects all light from the user, making them appear as a bright ball of light to everyone else.
flash_on Flying
flash_on Lie Detector The ability to know whether others are lying.
flash_on Necromancy The ability to raise the dead in some capacity, typically as zombified versions.
flash_on Lycanthropy
flash_on Destiny Bonds The ability to bind two souls together, killing both if either dies.
flash_on Spirit Summoning The ability to summon spirits to see from, attack others, or interact with the world in other ways.
flash_on Phase Shift The ability to temporarily phase out of existence, then return at a later time.
flash_on Super Strength
flash_on Perfect Memory The ability to instantly memorize and retrieve anything.
flash_on Pied Piper The ability to "capture" animals that follow you and do your bidding.
flash_on Ethereal Leash The ability to supernaturally leash someone else to a particular area so they can move within some distance, but not stray too far from their leash origin. As they move further away, they feel ...
flash_on Memory Manipulation The ability to create and implant false memories into others.
flash_on Doppelganger Split The ability to physically duplicate one's body into a second (or third, etc) body operating under a shared mind.
flash_on Super Speed
flash_on Vocal Persuasion The ability to command others to do anything you say.
flash_on Mind Reading
flash_on Power Mimicry The ability to copy nearby powers and use them whenever near others that can use them.
flash_on Shared Conscious People with the shared conscious ability share a singular mind, instantly communicating and sharing each of their thoughts, sights, and skills. Before these people find each other in person, th...
flash_on Shadow Walk Someone that can Shadow Walk physically slips into their own shadow and can traverse 2D surfaces as a shadow.
flash_on Power Amplification The ability to amplify the effect of nearby powers.
flash_on Immemorable Someone with this passive trait is very rarely noticed and/or remembered by others.
flash_on Regeneration The ability to instantly or very quickly recover from any physical damage to the body.
flash_on Telekinesis The ability to move objects with your mind.
flash_on Molecular Manifestation The ability to manipulate molecules in the air into tangible objects, such as weaponry or shields.
flash_on Teleportation
flash_on Super Sight
flash_on Super Hearing
flash_on Super Smell
flash_on Cryokinesis The ability to freeze or lower the temperature of things with your mind.
flash_on Uberluck
flash_on Sizeshifter The ability to shrink or grow in size at will.
flash_on Sonic Scream A glass-shattering, eardrum-destroying scream that causes concussions or worse to all who hear it.
flash_on Hallucinogenic Aura The ability to create and incite life-like hallucinations in others nearby.
flash_on Waterwalking The ability to walk on water.
flash_on X-Ray Vision The ability to see through walls and other occlusions.
flash_on Elemental Shapeshifting The ability to shapeshift into elements such as fire, smoke, water, lightning, etc.
flash_on Critical Strike The ability to always or sometimes knockout or kill with a single punch.
flash_on Phoenix Revival Shortly after dying, someone with the phoenix revival ability will violently erupt in a fiery explosion and revive. Pretty hard on morgues.
flash_on Midas Touch The ability to turn anything you touch to gold (or some other element).
flash_on Stone Gaze The ability to turn others to stone when they look into your eyes.
flash_on Timestop The ability to temporarily stop time, while retaining the ability to move around and interact.

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