The Legend of Lestaria


Three young wizards do their best to wake up the world's Draconic Protectors before it's too late.


A long time ago, the cosmic dragon Bahamut created our world. Tiamat, another cosmic dragon, was compelled by its beauty to seed the origins of life upon the planet. Unfortunately, Bahamut saw this life as ruining the purity of the world he'd created, and struck down Tiamat, annihilating all life on the world below as the great dragon fell.

Or, that's what Bahamut thought. Years after the catastrophe, what was left of the human race emerged from their underground shelters and began to rebuild civilization on top of the strange, new world they were seeing: Tiamat's body. What neither they nor Bahamut know, however, is that Tiamat is merely resting and recovering, and her reawakening could mean a second cataclysmic event for Lestaria.

Magic System

The aboveground folk wield fire ubiquitously, but belowsky it is rare for anyone to use magic. Though when they do, it's usually that of other elements.


First act written NaNoWriMo 2015
Second act to be written NaNoWriMo 2016

This universe contains...
48 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Wasluthapol Cyclops city
terrain Balral Cyclops village, frozen over
terrain Anbusdal Farming village
terrain Polston Fishing/trade village
terrain Dalson Mining/fishing port village
terrain Colu Pixie city
terrain Waux Desert city in the Oracha Desert
terrain Vildenti Mountains Mountains housing the Fire Dragon home
terrain Dalanthe Military/farming
terrain Cainix Underground tsizta capital
terrain Cestnix Tsizta island
terrain St. Losea On the other side of the southwest mountains
terrain Dalio Fishing/farming/trade village
terrain Daleethe
terrain Dalant Port city of Daleethe
terrain Chipolis Major city of Daleethe
terrain Los Mothe Military/trade/mining city
terrain Luthe Farming/mining village
terrain Ausash Ogre village
terrain Wautheash Mountain village of ogres/cyclops
terrain Wordiewau Cyclops city
terrain Wauora Elf capitol
terrain Colash Elf city
terrain Kisan Elf village
terrain Anti Trade/art village, inhabited by humans and outcast elves
terrain Antraldal Port/trade village
terrain Cocolchi City of Gods
terrain Cistilaslu Ogre city
terrain Cocatha Ogre village
terrain Lural Elf city
terrain Ralpoldalki Fishing/farming city
terrain Ralralash Bandit camp
terrain Cachi Gardens Gardens in Anti
terrain East Raloracis
terrain West Raloracis
terrain Dalantcha
terrain Tipolaus Island of Giant Giants
terrain Sonnago City of Giants
terrain Franan Elf city
terrain Prodie Island Crescent island
terrain Naston Elf city on an island
terrain Oracha Desert Southwest desert
terrain Liamat Tiamat's favorite world
terrain Lowveldh
terrain Mior Mountains
terrain Dann Underground city beneath the Mior Mountains
terrain Thamat
terrain Lestaria

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Wormwood Per tree of Wormwood (that means chips of tree are aggregated), there can be one soul cursed, inhabited by the ancient spirit of the wormwood. These spirits each have different, evil, things they d...
emoji_events Aeron A sword that cuts through air itself, completely invisible to the naked eye. Its exact length is a legend.
emoji_events Snakebite On outward thrusts, the staff extends and remains stiff until fully extended. While retracting, the staff goes limp at extended points. Remains limp until it is still for a moment. Allows the us...

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