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The Gathering Arc

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This is the first major story, with the main characters joining the Reclaimers and finding powerful artifacts.

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A group of wizards and sorcerers known as the Ancient Stargazers built the city of Starminster to pursue their study of the Arcane secrets of the stars. They began to seek magical artifacts for their studies, and at near the same time, The Order of the White Crow begins to enchant their items and achieve greater power. Unable to convince the Order to give up some of their artifacts for their purposes, the Stargazers learned how to do it themselves, resulting in an influx of magical items, both powerful and subtle.
The Order of the White Crow was gaining power, but had been found out. They intended to summon the White Crow, a colossal white dragon from the Ethereal Plane. Doing so would result in mass terror and destruction. Armies met to destroy the Order, but in vain. The great armies from across the realm were wiped out quickly. The Order's power was too great, for they had powerful magical items bolstering their strength. At long last, from out of study came the Stargazers. Equally powerful, they cannot hope to defeat the Order, but rather elected to banish them to another plane of existence. The Order was ready for this, however, and revealed a new item known simply as "The Tome", which was a large spell tome with its own conscience. It was able to learn the banishment spell the Stargazers used, and reflect it back at the caster to banish both the good and evil to separate planes. With neither the Stargazers nor the Order remaining, their Relics fell to thieves who collected, sold, and scattered them across this continent and beyond...
Now, some yet-unknown magic users are attempting to re-summon Champions of the White Crow. This was all foreseen, however. The Reclaimers of Starminster were formed to collect and protect the artifacts of power, to keep them safe from evil. After Wizomal and Vaconto find one item of power, they are contacted by the Reclaimers and asked to join the search.

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Automatons exist, but they are powered by magic rather than electricity.

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The laws of Conventional Physics still stand, except for the effects of Magic (I.e. Conjuration, Transmutation, etc.) and other planes of existence.

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Magic works as detailed in the Core Books of D&D 5e.

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Cassander and Havelock fought in the White Crow War.

The Order worships the White Crow as their god, and summoning it would begin the age of reckoning, where nonbelievers would be destroyed and the Order would ascend to eternal glory.

Thank you for reading this btw

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This universe contains...
15 characters reorder
group Characters close
group The Dream Merchant Antagonist
group Romarra Dreed Recurring Researcher character
group Cassander, the Author of Storms Recruits the players to remove powerful artifacts from the world, but is overtaken by one and goes on a destructive rampage.
group Ancient Stargazer Created powerful artifacts that the Reclaimers must find. Major Plot points and history.
group Champion of the White Crow Main antagonist, also providing backstory.
group Wizomal Hero of the story; Callen's PC
group Ventis Support Co-hero NPC
group Fitzgerald "Fizzy" Renkles Main concessions at the Inner Star
group P.R.A.G.N (pronounced "Paragon") Bounty-hunting villain of the Ethereal Quest
group Heen Fang Airship Fighter in Summerrun
group A.I.D Basic enemy for a future quest
group Helen Abernathy Assistant to Romarra, helps the players choose their relics.
group Havelock Cassander's sword-brother, who was killed in the war and is the Governor's emotional anchor.
group Doc Rust Side character
group Vaconto the Destroyer Co-hero with Wizomal; Colby's PC

5 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain The Crux A safe place for the operations of the Reclaimers, hidden from the prying eyes of the Order
terrain The Arena The major ring in Starminster for Gladiatorial and Initiation battles.
terrain Aganon The ancient kingdom of Aganon was very powerful during its peak. It is similar to Ancient Egypt mixed with typical the Medieval scene
terrain Summerrun A western/wealthy/gambling community and is the home of the Airship Combat Arena
terrain The Ethereal Hollow A large cave whose mouth is comprised of Blue Tourmaline, a remnant from the War of the White Crow.

22 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Havelock's Handaxe A small axe about two feet in length with a silver-plated handle with a fancy "H" engraved onto it.
emoji_events Agananian Armor Heavy plate armor forged by skilled ancient hands
emoji_events Quillstorm {High Relic} An ebony bow capable of creating powerful storms of magic.
emoji_events Soulbind collars Two identical necklaces with wondrous properties.
emoji_events Ruby Vial {Lesser Relic} A Vial made from a red crystal. The healing potion inside refills each day at dawn.
emoji_events Horn of Frost {Lesser Relic} A battle horn, fashioned from the tusk of a mammoth.
emoji_events Rapier An elegant sword with a slender blade and a basket hilt.
emoji_events Circle of Trust An unassuming copper band set with a single emerald. Can be used once per long rest to make one creature only speak truth for ten minutes.
emoji_events Cape of Warding A blue cloak that increases AC of the wearer by +1. Thick on the outside, soft on the inside.
emoji_events Thorn Whip A wooden shortsword with a magical twist
emoji_events Brr and Ache A set of warhammers that Vaconto dual-wields
emoji_events Agananian Bow An ornate longbow strung by ancient craftsmen
emoji_events Raven's crest A wreath of black raven's feathers that allows the wearer to transform into a raven.
emoji_events [UNNAMED] {High Relic} A pendant that grants the user the ability to stop time, and to influence one object/creature while time-stopped.
emoji_events Amulet of Greater Magic Missiles {Lesser Relic} An Orichalcum amulet on a Golden chain containing some potent magic.
emoji_events Dagger Issa dagger
emoji_events The Watcher's lens A leather head strap with a single eyepiece, about an inch in length, with a lens on the end that grants the user the ability to occasionally see into another plane.
emoji_events The Millennium Circlet {High Relic} A mystical crown that grants the wearer power over space and increased magic abilities.
emoji_events Wizomal's Staff The staff used by Wizomal to cast his spells through; his arcane focus
emoji_events Rejoinder Weapon that will shift into the melee form its user wills it to
emoji_events Vaconto the Destroyer's Greataxe. A singularly-bladed, long handled axe of mass destruction, used by Vaconto.
emoji_events The Valiant's Standard Given to all Reclaimers, this badge grants +1 to hit for the wearer.

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