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Echo’s Excellent Ensemble of Entropy

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My own version of the story created by Chonny Jash in his music album, “Chonny’s Charming Chaos Compendium.” Elements of Miracle Musical’s “Hawaii: Part II” are present as well.

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Major Characters

Heart (Artemis), Mind (Apollo), Soul (Atlas), Whole (name pending), Chicken (Darrel).

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Origin - How did Echo’s Excellent Ensemble of Entropy originate?

When “Whole” was born, so were the characters of Heart, Mind, and Soul. They each embody different aspects of Whole, and work together to let them function. And the chicken. . . we don’t talk about the chicken.

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For the most part, H/M/S worked together without much complaint to keep Whole stable. However, due to certain events in Whole’s life, tensions grew between Heart and Mind, and therefore Soul. This story displays mostly the happenings of H/M/S, but occasionally that of Whole.

Current Storyline

Whole had a good life, until their best friend was murdered right beside them and there was no way for them to disprove that they were the murderer. When taken to court, instead of pleading innocence, Whole pleaded insanity and was sent to an insane asylum. They underwent electroshock therapy, causing their mental state to only go from bad to worse. When finally released from the asylum, they contemplated whether or not they wanted to continue living their life with the way it has been ruined. After a failed suicide attempt, Whole decided to instead try and work on their mental health.

While all of this went on, Heart, Mind, and Soul encountered their own problems. The break in Whole’s mental health after their friend died caused all of them to take a turn for the worse. Heart and Mind became volatile around one another while Soul had to de-escalate their arguments and pick up the pieces afterwards. Once the electroshock therapy started, the fighting had started to come to a head. Heart tried to kill Mind not long after, thinking that with him gone all the problems would end along with the electroshock therapy. The murder attempt ultimately failed, and Heart entered a “lifeless” state similar to comatose for the remainder of the electroshock therapy. Then this is when Soul contemplates making Whole kill themselves to end his own suffering. Once Heart was conscious again, it was a slow road to mending the friendship between Heart and Mind.

Note: Some things may be out of place, I don’t have a solid timeline yet.

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It certainly exists, but no specific laws are there to govern it.

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Highly advanced—Whatever they can dream up and create is possible. Often Mind is the one working with the technical side of things.

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CCCC and my friend Ame who dragged me into this fandom (thanks!).


I scrapped the traditional designs of Heart, Mind, and Soul and went for a slightly unorthodox approach as to how they all looked.

Translation: I went on vibes alone without looking at how the rest of the fandom did it. I regret nothing.

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group Mind The logical, calculating side.

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