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Prepare the Preparations (WIP)

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I humanized all the Prepare the Preparations songs into characters and put them into a little universe yayaya

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Technology in Prepania varies. Places overcome by the Circuits (Novathres, Descent) are overrun with futuristic technology like holograms, cybernetic enhancements for humans, etc.
Places that fight against the Circuits almost completely reject any modern technology whatsoever, i.e. no phones or cars (Limbo, Mongergrove, Rolling Ray). *
*(Note, some technology such as cybernetically enhanced horses and guns are commonly smuggled into Limbo).
Alvanya and Reapergate are not run by the Circuits, but have technology that is about the same as 2020's tech, and it hasn't advanced past that (and it won't, unless they get taken over by the Circuits).

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ptp album

This universe contains...
3 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Jardin Way Biggest and most popular street in Descent. Jardin is "garden" in French.
terrain Devil's Avenue
terrain Skeleton Ridge

2 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Zaciolite The extremely rare mineral/gemstone that powers the Druensey complex and keeps technology running. Found in the Rolling Ray Islands.
emoji_events Tex's Pistol A gold engraved army revolver from the Old Country.

2 buildings reorder
business Buildings close
business The Druensey Complex A large, dome shaped complex filled with millions of servers, fuses, and equipment that keeps all of the technology in Novathres + Descent secure and working.
business Whipped Beats The small bakery that Wade owns in Winniver, Alvanya.

7 countries reorder
flag Countries close
flag The Rolling Ray Islands
flag The Limbodunes (Wild West, North side)
flag Novathres Variation of land types, but mainly mountainous. Much like Reapergate it's gloomy and dark, but instead of being dry, it's a swamp in the lower parts. Overrun with technology.
flag Reapergate Very foggy and heavily wooded region. Many things here are unkept, broken down, and spooky. No humans are known to live here.
flag Mongergrove Peninsula Stereotype of where pirates live. Subalpine oceanic biome. Many towns built, almost no empty space.
flag Descent (Wild West, South side) It's a futuristic-ish region, using technology to adapt to the dryness of the desert it's built in.
flag Alvanya Moderate region with almost perfect climate and conditions. Many people retreat here if they can get past the Circuits.

2 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Cadnorma
pets Tachâ The skeleton of canines like dogs or wolves, but living.

1 flora reorder
eco Floras close
eco Orange-stem Blades An edible submerged plant native to the Rolling Ray Islands.

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face Races close
face Rayan Human, but native to the Rolling Ray Islands and having different attributes of a sea creature (i.e. gills, fins, cold blood, sharp teeth, etc.) This has been development over centuries to adapt to...

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location_city Towns close
location_city Adena Town in the Limbodunes.
location_city Druensey A city only consisting of one building, The Druensey Complex, which takes up most of the area of the city.
location_city Witchill Wood Woods in Reapergate, big enough to be known as a "town".
location_city Winniver Big city in Alvanya.
location_city Reds Medium town in Novathres.
location_city Stredpus Small town within Novathres.
location_city Mournstead The capital city of Novethres and the biggest city in the region.

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