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Name - What is this universe's name?

Gates of Slaughter

Description - How would you describe Gates of Slaughter?

An alternate universe where Cyrus Allen and Cesaria Allen are no longer the antagonists, replaced by Kody Tsethlekai Stryker and Alexander Blackett.

(Will add further description later)

Genre - What genre best describes Gates of Slaughter?

Dark Fantasy/High Fantasy

date_range History
Origin - How did Gates of Slaughter originate?

I was thinking about BtH and then I was like “What if Tseth were the main antagonist and Cyrus was good?” And boom entire new universe.

For the real origin of the universe, go to BtH and read there.

History - What is Gates of Slaughter’s history?

screaming don’t ask

gavel Systems
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Gates of Slaughter?

Don’t ask me about that. I don’t know. They’re terrible. I hate them so much.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Gates of Slaughter?

Fuck if I know. (Just kidding- I do know, look at BtH universe.)

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Gates of Slaughter?

Also look at BtH universe.

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Gates of Slaughter?

Again, Sky: Children of the Light, my friend Ame, Pinterest, and my little fuck of a brain.


As this is derived from “Beneath the Heavens”, there will be much less explanation of rudimentary things as many things are the same as they are in BtH. Thank you for reading.

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