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Beneath the Heavens

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AU of Sky: Children of the Light where Light Creatures and Dark Creatures are different races of people with certain abilities.

For many years, there was a great war between the Dark Dragons and the Jellyfish. There were many casualties, and tensions were high. With the Dark Dragons prevailing in the war, the Jellyfish turned to the other Light Creature kingdoms for help. Namely, the Mantas.

For many years, Queen Cesaria of the Mantas had been using the war to increase her influence over not only her own species, but all the other Light Creatures. When she accepted the Jellyfish’s request for an alliance, this influence only grew and there seemed no hope for the Dark Dragons. But they held strong despite the many casualties on both sides.

This continued for several years, until the Queen was mysteriously assassinated one day after a meeting between all of the kingdoms. The trust between kingdoms quickly shattered, and the alliance between the Mantas and Jellyfish dissolved.

This assassination lead to the appointment of a new queen. Daphne Allen, the fifth child of Queen Cesaria. Some thought she was unfit for the throne, being so young; while others argued she was the only heir that would be able to rule efficiently, given the behavior of her older siblings.

Daphne’s ascendancy to the throne lead to a chain of events that revealed untold truths; sparked distrust; but perhaps more importantly created friendships that may have saved this world.

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Dark Fantasy/High Fantasy

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Megabird, the God of Life and Light, created the realms and seas, the plants and animals in them.
Once that was done, they created the Elder deities to serve as protectors of their realms.
They then created the peoples of the land, now known as the Ancestors.
Afterwards, they created their five holy creatures of light to watch over the Ancestors and guide them as they build a civilization.

But when the King of the Ancestors, Alef, became too greedy for power, he made a grave mistake.

He utilized the natural Light found in light creatures to create energy sources. Mass graveyards of light creatures scattered all the realms, resulting in terrible consequences that no one could have expected. Darkness.

No one knows its point of origin, but many suspected it stemmed from the graveyards. Because, without Light flowing through them, what becomes of the light creatures?
It seems, some species of light creatures do not simply die when their Light is taken from them.

Like a disease, the Darkness overtakes the creature’s body and changes it—mutates it—irreparably. And then these Changed creatures come back to “life” as horrible abominations bent on killing and consuming any life they see.

But this was not the only consequence of the Darkness. The mere presence of it in a world filled with light created a dimensional rift between Kaelum (the world itself), and a Darkness-infested place known as Eden. Quickly, a realm-sized area of Kaelum surrounding the dimensional rift soon became Eden.

This decimated the civilization known as the Ancestors. And then, all there was left was Alef to witness the destruction he had caused.

Megabird was furious with Alef. When he begged to be put out of his misery, they did not comply. Instead, they sentenced him to oversee his horrible creation as a God himself. The God of Darkness, Resh. He would be forced to live an eternity alone. But Alef, now Resh, challenged Megabird to a fight in their godly forms. Still vain, he believed he could win. But Megabird struck him down by sword, and his blood flowed across the realms. It concentrated in what is now known as the Wastelands. But being a God, this did not kill Resh.

After this, Megabird banished Resh from the Living realms and sent him to the dimensional rift known as Eden. Since then, he has been alone. And Megabird sought to start new.

They took the surviving light creatures and gave them forms similar to the Ancestors, while letting them keep their Light and ability to fly with species-specific flying appendages.

And then those creatures went on to create their own civilizations, guided by Megabird and the Elder Deities.

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Ask me later

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continues sobbing
Most magic is derived from light crystals and involves healing, projections, illusions, etc. Light crystals may cure darkness to an extent.
Practiced magic may allow you to make your projections and illusions solid, and therefore “light weapons” are not uncommon.
Dark crystals can be used at the expense of your life force and/or your status as a light creature (if you are a manta or butterfly). Uses unknown. To counteract effects use light crystals.

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Advanced. Most electrical things and machines are powered by light/solar energy (who would have guessed).
There’s too much to explain and also too much I haven’t made up yet.

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Sky: Children of the Light, my friend Ame, Pinterest, and my own mind that likes to worldbuild against my will a lot.


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group Echo Self-insert, chaos-bringer.
group Torin A young boy plagued by visions of calamity.
group Avirex The Seer
group Harper Blackett A caring friend
group Jesse
group Soatsaki
group Aelin Stryker The former princess of a hidden-away land.
group Daphne Allen The young Queen haunted by fate
group Cyrus Allen The psychotic villain.
group Atlas A lost friend.
group Verena Allen
group Evie Allen A curious soul surrounded by large expectations
group Erix The King of the Jellyfish, determined to promote peace
group Melody
group Aster
group Lilium
group Alexander Blackett The healer, and one to confide in.
group Kody Tsethlekai Stryker “The king that is more than meets the eye.”

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terrain Isle of Dawn Desert, connects to Daylight Prairie but otherwise surrounded by ocean.

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