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A beautifully dangerous land, a land that feigns a safe place with lush forests, and crystal bodies of water, only to give way to the harsh reality of nature In the north, there are plush, light dunes of snow that if stepped in, would swallow a person whole and never release them, frozen lakes with ice as thin as paper, tempting you to step foot with its pale white ice, only to crack and break at the moment you can't make it back to safety. In the south, a Warm, tropical climate with beaches of golden sand that are burning to the touch, and indigo oceans that glisten in the sun, but are teeming with murderous aquatic life and harsh waves. To the West is lush, green forests full of homicidal animals and treacherous conditions. And to the East is valleys of poisonous flowers, and hills that are hollow, threatening to give way at any moment.

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Thriller , Adventure

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Ruled by a tyranical heirarchy of monarchs. Kingom by kingdom is overthrown by those below

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