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World of the three clans: War Clan, Dark Clan, and Aqua Clan.

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When a person is 14, they go to the Wishing Falls and perform the Wishing Ceremony. Here, they make a wish and transfer their soul to their Essence Gem. Rarely, their gem will explode and either kill the person or transform them into a Dark Warrior.

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Lower than today, with more middle-aged weapons and no computers or stuff like that.

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This universe contains...
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group Characters close
group Solgoleo Revalia Dead father
group Nightmare Revalia Main Character, in-between the brains and the brawn.
group Nebula Flynsilk Dark Clan Leader
group Starlette Revalia Dark Warrior
group Lunala Revalia Villain, along with Mira and Sledge
group Icelyn Asturias Main Character, Dreamer and Curious.

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terrain Locations close
terrain Dark Clan Village strong houses made of stone, lots of cliffs and ledges
terrain Wishing Falls Clearing in the forest, where the clans meet up to perform Wishing Ceremonies.

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Nightmare's Sword/Spear Black handle with diamond spearhead and golden leaves on the sides. Sword form is long black handle and diamond blade.
emoji_events Icelyn's Bow and Arrow Decorated with little aquamarine jewels.

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