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The setting of Tales On the Sea Raven and In My Dreams. An in-between world that encompasses everything. Not really meant to be fully explored.

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Fantasy and Sci-fi

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Whenever Bell, Erica, the ghost, discovers the truth of her existence as a figment of imagination made of Madness, the being called Raven creates a new world, a new setting, where all is right again for a short time.

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All in the head of so-called Queen Raven, also known as the captain. An escape to a world of her own design where she can be with her beloved Bell, the ghost.

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Eyes Filled With Stars, possibly Seventh Is Divine

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terrain Belltingdale It is a pocket dimension in between worlds. It is a floating platform with a whole city on it, and it is surrounded by crimson clouds and a constant lightning storm. It is very dark, and has a huge...

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