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Beautiful Sailor

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It's set in space.

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Year 1990 of the Lynx: The Lucky Flood

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Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons

This universe contains...
16 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Green Tongue You know the language of the plants.
bubble_chart Superior Gathlain Magic N/A
bubble_chart Extended Aspects You can invoke your aspect's minor form longer than most.
bubble_chart Harder They Fall You can work with an ally to move or knock over a foe that's too large for either of you to overcome alone.
bubble_chart Night Sky Hex You use the mystical network of power that blazes in the night sky to empower your hexes.
bubble_chart Intense Curiosity Some gathlains habitually fixate on someone or something nearby and examine its every detail. when taking 20 on the check, they gain a +4 racial bonus on Perception and survival checks to find and ...
bubble_chart Diehard N/A
bubble_chart Power Attack N/A
bubble_chart Dissipating Rage When the barbarian rages, their feverish frenzy and hot breath burn or blow fog, smoke and similar effects away from them. The barbarian and creatures adjacent to her do not gain concealment from o...
bubble_chart Lizard Stride When the barbarian makes a charge or run action while raging, they can move across the surface of water without sinking. They sink immediately if they end their turn standing on water.
bubble_chart Raging Whirlwind The barbarian can create a whirlwind with a powerful spinning move as an immediate action after they confirm a critical hit with a melee attack. The whirlwind circles the target of their melee atta...
bubble_chart Summer Rage The barbarian channels the heat of late summer, making the air around them hot and oppressive. A creature within the barbarian's reach becomes fatigued as long as it remains within the barbarian's ...
bubble_chart Burning Renewal At 12th level, a flamewarden can use the cleansing power of fire to remove afflictions from their body, mind, and soul. When the flamewarden takes 5 or more points of fire damage, he can remove one...
bubble_chart Jealousy
bubble_chart Proud
bubble_chart Weak N/A

27 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Demon Slime
pets Giant Crab This lumbering hard-shelled crab stands as tall as a dwarf, its massive pincers waving menacingly.
pets Lineata Canicollis N/A
pets Lizard Man A strange humanoid lizard, it doesn't look friendly.
pets Undead Lord Pixel A pixel undead lord.
pets Snake Pixel
pets Green Dragon N/A
pets ?
pets Cave Fisher N/A
pets Gorilla Ape N/A
pets Basidirond Unlike some fungi, basidirons had multiple stems.
pets Trumpet Archon Lithe and beautiful, with skin the color of marble, this being hovers upon powerful, white wings and radiates a sense of serenity.
pets Cockatrice N/A
pets Choker N/A
pets Hezrou Demon This fiend’s armored flesh is scaly and moist. Its large, toothy mouth gapes below a pair of hungry, reptilian eyes.
pets Archer An archer from hell.
pets Demon Knight A strange knight that looks hellish.
pets Bismuth Bipedal Creature N/A
pets Knight Templer A member of the knight templer.
pets Dust Ball N/A
pets Spellblade A powerful spellblade.
pets Magical Girl
pets Magical Girl N/A
pets Buttercup Sylveon N/A
pets Peasant N/A
pets Flame-Frost Dragon N/A
pets Shrubbalo N/A

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