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Artemisia is the colony, teenagers from the Blast Off! program are working to build.

so that they can test if the moon will be livable for humans, seeing as the Earth is slowly being deteriorated by climate change, pollution and the release of Methane into the atmosphere.

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Science fiction

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in the year 2036, NASA launches a program in which teenagers all over the world with be chosen, due to their test scores of a test they take online, to be put in a spaceship and flown to the moon.

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Artemisia is simply a area of the moon in which there are four small metal buildings, called Quarters which are like apartments placed in a house like way, two beside each other, then two across from those. The building contain rooms most houses on Earth would, such as den's, Kitchens, bathrooms and two bedrooms for the two people who share the quarters.

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The typical laws of gravity are altered on Artemisia, as the astronauts suits have a mechanism installed to make the gravity on the moon, less harsh, so the gravity is the same as Earth, but slowed by about 10 seconds.

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there is no magic in Artemisia, only slight alters of gravity.

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technology in 2034, the year the Blast Off! Program sets out on their ship, The Ursa Minor to reach Artemisa, is so advanced that it is ensured the eight people on board with be able to survive for the next ten years they will all be away from Earth.

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Max, a golden retriever who is two years old (14 in human years) is also taken on the trip.

This universe contains...
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terrain Locations close
terrain Communication Center A concrete sphere, containing technology the team uses to contact the teams at NASA working with the program on Earth, it goes slightly under ground.
terrain Living Quarter Four Set up identically to Quarter One, it sets diagonally from Quarter Two, and to the right of Quarter Three.
terrain Living Quarters Three set up identically to Quarter Two, but set diagonally from Quarter One.
terrain Living Quarters Two Set up like Quarter One, but reversed and to the left of it.
terrain Living Quarters One A concrete building set up like a house in the colony of Artemisia.

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