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Description - How would you describe Monoverse?

A large universe filled with different versions of the same world

Genre - What genre best describes Monoverse?

Dark fantasy

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Origin - How did Monoverse originate?

The monouniverse was created by an exploding black hole that replaced the milky way thus restarting evolution.

History - What is Monoverse’s history?

There are lots of theories as to why the black hole died but none of them seem to agree with eachother. After the explosion evolution restarted and new creatures were born. Along with the rebirth of extinct animals.

The first creatures to gain intelligence similar to humans named themselves duobeasts then came the berriclan and so on

Duobeasts are intregued by humans and want to learn everything about them but the other I-species (intelligent species) aren't that pleased.

War broke out between the berriclan and duobeasts 500 years before the story takes place and the other Evo beasts are still recovering.

The war more formally known as the 10 years of debate was so catastrophic that a new breed of creature was made. These were called Glitches and were treated as a bad omen. Each glitch that was born was thrown away or killed as soon as possible, those who tried to help them were never seen again.

The leaders control the people's knowledge until 179049.

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Monoverse?

Gravity took 1500 years to fully work again meaning some animals are able to manipulate their weight.

The laws in the monoverse differ from planet to planet but the duobeasts and Berris aren't allowed near eachother.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Monoverse?

Magic can only be used by some creatures, you can define who they are by how dull their iris's are.

Magic is a very powerful source, so much so that the bacteria in it (magicornophicis: mah-jee-corn-ophi-sis) is considered a toxin.

Creatures who do end up possessing magic tend to live shorter lives as magicornophicis shares the oxygen the creature breathes.

There are laws in the monoverse but they are only taught in duobeast and berriclan schools in order to stop another war.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Monoverse?

Technology differs from planet to planet and species to species because not all creatures are advanced like the refijo. Refijo have very small brains but are extremely strong because of their strict honey flower diet.

Honeyflower are the only flower that has pollen, the other plants breed by shedding leaves and having them wither in soil the now nutrient filled soil sprouts the flower and it takes up to 2 weeks for the flower to repeat the process.

Duobeasts are the smartest creature in the monoverse as te more knowledge a duobeast remembers the longer they live (unless they are a glitch or possess magic)

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Monoverse?

Starwars lord of the rings and shera the princess of power


Monoverse (monodaptive_universe)

Each planet has a different education system, law system technological system and time system (each planet uses the ghee system one minfrox is 2cm a frox is 20cm a jumfrox is 200cm and a hobfrox is 2000cm) add more later

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