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Nations & States

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Hetalia with States and Territories

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Alternate history


Basically Hetalia if States and Territories had their own personification.




Nations & States Collide

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Our history

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Our physics

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Magic only available to those who believe in it

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Hetalia: Axis Powers

This universe contains...
20 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Confederate States of America N/A
group Prussia N/A
group Belarus N/A
group 2P!France Alternate Personification of the Nation of France
group Spain
group Denmark
group Scotland N/A
group Wales N/A
group Italy Anthropomorphic Personification of the Northern part of Italy
group 2P!England Alternate Personification of the Country of England
group Northern Ireland N/A
group Texas Anthropomorphic Personification of the State of Texas
group New York City Anthropomorphic Personification of New York City
group Hawaii Anthropomorphic Personification of Hawaii
group England Anthropomorphic Personification of the Country of England
group 2P!America Another Color Anthropomorphic Personification
group Forgottonia N/A
group America Anthropomorphic Personification of the United States of America
group Canada Anthropomorphic Personification of Canada
group Alaska The Personification of the State of Alaska

6 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Perennial Flower N/A
emoji_events ? N/A
emoji_events Dimensional Tear A Dimensional Tear is a sub-space energy disturbance in the fabric of space-time. Spacecraft which entered a Dimensional Tear could form hyperspace linkways through non-space to nearby parallel dim...
emoji_events Blue Fang Deals ice damage to all foes in range.
emoji_events Dolorous Rod User can summon 1-10 rabbits per level.
emoji_events Nintendo Entertainment System Cartage N/A

7 buildings reorder
business Buildings close
business Texans Estate The house in which Texas, or Rosa E. Flores resides in.
business Kroger
business The Spring Blossom
business Peterlee Library Peterlee library is on the outskirts of Peterlee town center It is inside of Peterlee college so there are plenty parking spaces.
business (?Shop) N/A
business Starbucks
business Bird Cage Theater

12 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Poison Oak Toxicodendron diversilobum, commonly named Pacific poison oak or western poison oak, is a woody vine or shrub in the sumac family, Anacardiaceae. It is widely distributed in western North America, ...
bubble_chart Drunken Dancer At 2nd level, while maintaining a raging song, a bacchanal can consume a berry affected by goodberry, a potion, or a serving of alcohol as a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity...
bubble_chart Inner Light Some ghorans glow with a nurturing inner light.
bubble_chart Cover Tracks You are very difficult to follow in the wild, leaving few tracks in your wake.
bubble_chart Enhanced Gnome Magic Your ties to the First World manifest in the form of magical abilities that tap into a natural element.
bubble_chart Fey-Guarded You have trained your mind to resist fey magic - both that cast by fey creatures and that cast by other denizens of the First World.
bubble_chart Mountaineer You are thoroughly at home in the high peaks and precipices of alpine territory.
bubble_chart Totemic Initiate You were born to or have lived among the barbarian tribes of the wild and passed the trails of their sacred totems.
bubble_chart Waterway Caster You've learned to cast spells while on a watercraft or even while swimming in turbulent waters.
bubble_chart Violet Venom
bubble_chart Low-Light Vision
bubble_chart Always Angry N/A

30 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Aboleth Four long tentacles writhe from this three-eyed fish-like creature's flanks, and its green body glistens with thick, clear slime.
pets Leopard Cat With each graceful step, this leopard's steely muscles ripple beneath its spotted fur.
pets Genbu A giant turtle like creature that releases gas from its back.
pets Eldritch Plant A terrible plant born from the graves of the dead.
pets Poppy Sylveon N/A
pets Mallow N/A
pets Jar N/A
pets Goddess Pixel N/A
pets Seven Sins Sloth N/A
pets Cherry Blossom Fancy Eel N/A
pets Bebilith Bebiliths, otherwise known as barbed horrors or creepers of the Abyss, were arachnid demons that, for their own inscrutable reasons, preyed upon other demons.
pets Cheetah Cat Cheetahs are active mainly during the day, whereas other carnivores such as leopards and lions are active mainly at night; These larger carnivores can kill cheetahs and steal their kills; hence, th...
pets Couatl The couatl was a large, otherworldly, winged serpentine creature.
pets Crocodile Crocodiles (family Crocodylidae) or true crocodiles are large semiaquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia.
pets Bird N/A
pets Witch N/A
pets Viper
pets Bat Slime
pets Student
pets Witch with Magic A witch with control over earth magic.
pets Student A student from a local school.
pets Chamomile Sylveon N/A
pets Knight N/A
pets Mage N/A
pets Spellblade N/A
pets Thief N/A
pets Horn Slime N/A
pets ? N/A
pets Giant Tardigrade This strange eight-legged creature looks vaguely like an insectile bear as it swims through the water.
pets Rat Pixel N/A

57 foods reorder
fastfood Foods close
fastfood Espresso
fastfood Mini Naan with Peanut Butter and Banana
fastfood Caviar
fastfood Starbucks Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha
fastfood Goose Egg
fastfood Starbucks Reserve Latte
fastfood Cappuccino
fastfood Steamed Apple Juice
fastfood Utz Kettle Classics Potato Chips, Crab
fastfood Carpaccio of Udo with Tomato and Basil
fastfood White Chocolate Mocha
fastfood Chai Latte
fastfood Royal English Breakfast Tea
fastfood Flat White
fastfood Cinnamon Dolce Crème
fastfood Creme Caramel
fastfood Latkes
fastfood London Fog Tea Latte
fastfood Caffè Mocha
fastfood Steamed Milk
fastfood Honey Citrus Mint Tea
fastfood Pistachio Latte
fastfood Decaf Pike Place Roast
fastfood Mint Majesty
fastfood Caffè Misto
fastfood Cinnamon Dolce Latte
fastfood Hot Chocolate
fastfood Featured Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee
fastfood Starbucks Reserve Hazelnut Bianco Latte
fastfood Mint & Oreo Ice Cream
fastfood Caffè Americano
fastfood Blonde Roast
fastfood Pike Place Roast
fastfood Espresso Con Panna
fastfood Honey Almondmilk Flat White
fastfood Caffè Latte
fastfood Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Latte
fastfood Caramel Macchiato
fastfood Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte
fastfood Emperor's Clouds & Mist
fastfood Matcha Green Tea Latte
fastfood Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea
fastfood Peach Tranquility
fastfood White Hot Chocolate
fastfood Caramel Apple Spice
fastfood Pistachio Crème
fastfood Gjize Cheese
fastfood Melonpan
fastfood Okonomiyaki
fastfood Coffee Jelly
fastfood Jaga Bata
fastfood Gyoza
fastfood Mochi
fastfood Enoki Somen
fastfood Broccoli Chicken
fastfood Goma Dare
fastfood Tiger Tails

4 groups reorder
wc Groups close
wc Bad Touch Trio N/A
wc The United Kingdom The group of four countries that form the United Kingdom.
wc The Awesome Trio A trio of countries that like to think they are the most awesome.
wc Main Five A group of five states who hang out with each other a lot.

6 jobs reorder
work Jobs close
work Summit Sentinel The summit sentinel chooses a point on the ground or floor within 30 feet.
work Verdant Your body is suffused with raw plant life. When you bloodrage, your plantlike characteristics bolster your durability and grant you some control over vegetation.
work Fey Courtier Fey who associate with courts often become bards skilled at navigating the inhuman societies of the trackless wilds.
work Herbalist N/A
work Elementalist Oracle
work Geomancer N/A

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