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This universe is much younger than our own universe. Time runs faster than it does regularly. Though major events happened like The Black Plague and the wars, more advancements were made in a shorter period of time. This Earth does not have much problems, and in fact has a healthier environment than regular Earth.

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All was good until a dark entity from another realm started to destroy Earth. Now, the Sins must team up with their enemies to try and destroy a bigger one.

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Recall?

Physics are in place with regular humans; the physics rule depends on the type of species in place.

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The magic system has few rules. However, using magic causes energy to drain or spiral out of control, sometimes causing death to not just the wielder but those around them.
Magic is allowed to be used freely in Hell and Heaven, but limited on Earth.

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Technology is that from the Marvel Universe; some people have more advanced technologies like suits, robots and such.

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I wanted to create a universe to let my imagination run wild as well as create a plain for upcoming drama.


Only certain beings can access portals to Heaven and Hell, as well as other realms.

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Main Realm


This is the main realm for my characters. This realm can be accessed by magical and spiritual beings only from the Connected Realm and 2 other Smaller Realms. Plots will happen 90% of the time in this realm.

Connected Realm

This realm is the main realm for a friend's characters. This realm is 'connected' meaning plots will happen 75% in this realm.

Smaller Realm

This/These realm(s) are smaller realms in which minor characters come from, either from us or other people. 20% of plots will happen here.

pets Creatures

Earth has all the essential animals, plus some extinct animals due to the faster time and healthier environment. The animals listed are major animals, all being either extinct in modern day earth (EMDE), mythical (M), or of my own design (OD).
The animals are set up as:
Listing / Description / Conservation / Use

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Small Herbivores

Dodo: EMDE / A small flightless bird. These birds usually stand at 3 - 4 feet tall, and have an expanse of brown, grey, white, and black feathers, with featherless faces. Females can lay 4 - 10 eggs. Chicks take 3 week to fully mature. They eat berries, seeds, nuts, bugs, and grasses. / Near Threatened / Due to these birds being stocky and plump, they are usually used for meals. Most people do not agree upon this and use them mostly for other things. Dodos have very well developed droppings from the fact they eat rocks to help themselves digest harder foods. They are also kept as pets.

Passenger Pigeon: EMDE / A species of pigeon. They were colourful birds with grey tops and red chests and underbellies. Males usually had splashes of copper on their necks. They lay 2 - 5 eggs. They ate seeds, bugs, and usually anything they could find. / Endangered / These pigeons are used as messengers and pets.

Junkas: OD / These little creatures are very mischievous, they take the form of a mouse like creature with a puff at the end of their slender tails. They come in all colours, but grey and white are the most common. They eat nuts, berries, and flowers. They are mammals and can have a litter up to 5 kits. / Least Concern / They are usually seen as pets, but wild ones are pests.

Medium Herbivores

Vegtable Lamb: M /

Unicorn: M /

Large Herbivores

Giant Sloth: EMDE /

Irish Elk: EMDE /

Small Carnivores

Chinese Fox: M /

Medium Carnivores

Trunki: OD /

Large Carnivores

Dragons: M /

Small Omnivores

Leprechaun: M /

Pixies: M /

Medium Omnivores

Chupacabra: M /

eco Floras

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place Landmarks
adb Species
forum Lanuages
Main Languages

All regular human languages are spoken along with the languages that correspond with the species.

flash_on Magics

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wc Races

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book Lores

Lores are very important in this universe; usually they turn out to be true. They hold warnings and also places to where treasure can be found.

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emoji_events Tine Ifrinn This axe looks like a normal axe; black handle with a red and silver tip. Though it looks withered and old, it still can cut through diamond.

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