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A high tech near future, wrought with war but also laced with peace and good relations between species.

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Origin - How did MOZLOK originate?

The universe began as all others. With an Explosion.

History - What is MOZLOK’s history?

The history of the Mozlok universe is set to be nearly identical to our own here on earth, while the area around 2020-2050 is still blurry in terms of world building, I have put together a basic thread of ideas of what happened in that area.

2025 - end of the COVID pandemic, deaths are much lower than originally expected due to fast shipping of a vaccine in mid 2021.

2030 - The US experiences a governmental overhaul. The US is now well and truly a republic and states rights have been put back in effect.

2050 - First alien contact via a rogue radio message from a Teeflican Merchant ship giving its coordinates to a neighboring system, the governments of the world form T-SADOF, (Terran Stellar Attack and Defense Force) otherwise known as Tados. An Interstellar force meant to defend earth from potential invaders and explore the stars.

2084 - FTL technology is now no longer science fiction. Long distance exploration is now possible.

(there is a fairly dark period here where FTL technology is developing and the US government is putting a lot of money into a special Interplanetary Rail Cannon system nicknamed the Javelin. Stuff picks back up around 2173 where the Ji'rinian empire incurs on earths territory)

2170 - First visual contact of an alien species. A Tados scout ship makes contact with a Ji'rinian spellcruiser searching for planets rich in Magma.

2173 - War is declared on the Ji'Rinian empire after a meeting with the Ji'Rinian ambassador proves that negotiating peace will be impossible, the war was started because of the Ji'rinians plan to drain Earth of the heavily magical Magma around its planets core, when no agreement could be reached with the ambassador Earth prepared to defend itself and take the entire Ji'Rinian race with them if needed.

2174 - The US government utilizes the IRC (Interplanetary Rail Cannon) Javelin to attack multiple Ji'Rinian Shipyards and Magma mines, crippling the Ji'rinian fleet and spelling the beginning of the end for the war.

2178 - The governments of the world finish contraction of the EDF Equalizer, a massive capital ship meant to spearhead their invasion into the Ji'Rinian home galaxy, the Geneva convention is also temporarily absolved for use against the interstellar threat.

2180 - the Ji'rinain forces surrender after three planets are destroyed by the IRC Javelin system and three fleets are decimated by the Equalizer alone.

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in MOZLOK?

The laws of physics present in Mozlok are near identical to our own, some laws of gravity can be bent by higher tech means such as the Teeflican Antigravitational anchor, or the Toki Repulser pad, or by magic, by means such as the Ji'Rinian Hovering rune.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in MOZLOK?

Only a select few species can harness magic. The current one known species with the ability to use magic are the Ji'Rinians. A slender compact eyed species that utilize a rune based magic system to draw ambient energy from sources such as Magma or Nuclear fusion, and utilize it in defensive, Offensive, and Propulsion based spells. A Ji'Rinian can cast small scale spells without the use of runes but requires a source of Magma or Lava nearby in order to do so. Ji'Rinian Spellcasters usually make up a large portion of the crew aboard the Ji'Rinian space fleet, where they operate the magic based shields and weaponry present on the Spellcruisers and Archnaughts.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in MOZLOK?


FTL travel was discovered by the human race in the year 2084, and has continued to improve since. Humanity now has multiple different designs of warp engine, the most expensive but fast and effective being the EWE (Einstein Warp Engine) that creates an almost wormhole or tesseract like effect in order to jump massive distances quickly. The tradeoff for the power of drives like this is a massive radiation output.

While humanity has grown in power and technology they still fall behind some races, such as the Teeflican. The single most technologically advanced species in the galaxy, the Teeflican helped pioneer Fusion Laser and gravitational weaponry technology and aided the human are in the 2173-2180 wars against the Ji'Rinian empire by giving them blueprints to a Fusion laser, humanity then building a massive capital ship known as the Equalizer and installing the Fusion laser onto it. Giving them what is in effect a mini deathstar.

Other races such as the Toki, are technologically advanced but in specialized areas. In terms of everyday technology the Toki are nearly identical to humanity, but at first glance their weapons of war would be considered rudimentary. Mainly non rail cannon projectile based weapons that are slow, but hit extremely hard. the Toki adopted a mostly explosive way of war, launching heavy caliber rounds filled with volatile explosives instead of tearing through their enemies with Railguns and Fusion based weapons.

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for MOZLOK?

Major sources of inspiration were:

War wolves by Jonathan Yanez

Titanfall 2


CoD, Advanced and Infinite warfare.

My own crazy brain for coming up with half of this shit in my dreams.

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