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Candor is an alternate Earth universe, in which Praedor and Riven Isles (among other places) exist. In its story, its time period is a reflection of the golden age of piracy in real history, but with the presence of the supernatural and mystical. Hounds (werewolf equivalent) curse the land by a recent disease originating from the sea.
Humans war with the Hounds, sometimes assisted by or opposed by the Gifted: men and women with unique abilities like telekinesis or healing.

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group Characters close
group Doctor Cornelius Oswald Guardian and financier
group Walter Avery Heroic Wannabe
group Professor Simon Woods (Jr.) Skeptical Conspiracist
group Dorian Companion, concealed chosen one, Carpenter
group Captain Hank Clark Sauve, cheeky leader. Unconventional role model for the MC, and a bold and daring icon for others... but with some major flaws.

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