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One by One

Description - How would you describe One by One?

The same as ours.

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Same as ours.

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Same as ours.

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There is no magic system.

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2020 in our universe.

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Literally our universe. Probably in New England.

This universe contains...
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group Characters close
group Gatz Wickham Love interest/fucked up father figure to [[Character-813375]]
group Abena Mantey Background Character
group Veronica King Eventual girlfriend of [[Character-927526]]
group Kenneth Wallace Byrd Father/Minor villain to [[Character-813375]] , husband of [[Character-813808]]
group Eun Ae Byrd Mother of [[Character-813375]] , wife of [[Character-813939]]
group Stiles Messenger Minor villain to [[Character-813375]]
group Clifford Logan Bowers Arch enemy to best friend to lover of [[Character-813375]]
group Rich McGovern Primary antagonist to [[Character-813375]]
group Danquah Mantey Love interest to [[Character-927318]]
group Cameron Krueger Friend to [[Character-813375]]
group Mr. Griffin Messed-up father figure to [[Character-813375]]
group Nathaniel James Hwong Protagonist
group Edward (Kwang-Sun) Han Butler and semi-father-figure to [[Character-813375]]

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emoji_events Pen-blade The appearance of a sleek, plain black pen with silver accents. When uncapped, it reveals a sharp, thin blade.

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