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The Eastern continent of Arcturia

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Sci-Fi Fantasy

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Physics like the laws of Earth, sans the Art

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The Art: a special innate power where only twelve specific people are born with it

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Eldorwyn?

varied: incredibly advanced in the Northern Regions, "medieval" level in the Southern Regions

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emoji_events Poisonstaff Stinger only. A bo staff formed by a samurai tribe many miles away. It is nearly six feet long, and weighs practically nothing, but it can be used to throw very heavy and damaging attacks. There is...
emoji_events Duality Ears only. A Community weapon. A double-edged sword formed by an infamous war tribe. Measures around five feet long, and the handle is about one of those feet. Each blade is thick and sharp, and in...
emoji_events Longsword Cutter only. A Countryside weapon. A curved sword used by an ancient samurai. Measures 7 ft long. Although it is light, it has the power to slice through flesh like it is nothing.
emoji_events Megaclub Tonnes only. A Countryside weapon. A warrior's club that was formed by Neo-cavemen. Six feet tall and two feet wide on the bottom. It has stone spikes all over the body. An attack from it is detrim...
emoji_events Herotrident Eldest only. A Cosmos weapon. A trident found in a sacred water temple. It is lightweight and nearly six feet tall. Each prong has decent-sized hooks on them.
emoji_events Felltree Spirit only. An axe with a handle carved from a sacred tree. The head whips off the handle and can be sent flying.

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