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No name yet

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There is one important rule in the kingdom of Tesmeren: rabbits are symbols of the existence of the god Nyaldin, therefore, they are sacred. Killing them will get you executed. However, there is almost nothing else to eat during the cold, harsh winters. As an immigrant of a different religion, Feraen has no qualms hunting them down and helping out poorer people in her village. When unexpectedly meeting Kalo, the crown princess, Feraen immediately dislikes her. However, after tragedy strikes in Feraen's personal life, she is forced to ask for Kalo's help. The two are drawn together, despite their differences, forever changing their lives when they have to make a decision: is love worth sacrificing everything for?

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Drama, Fantasy(sort of?), Romance

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normal laws

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-none known. existence of any gods is ambiguous
-fortune-telling by examining beauty spots and birthmarks is the closest thing to magic. some interpretations may sound ridiculous but they are weirdly accurate if the person knows what they are doing

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Robin Hood level

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group Kalo Feraen's love interest [[Character-765276]]

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