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A world about the idea of Sphaeras, which are magical catalysts which form in the chest of a user, able to be tapped into through Pods, which are parasitic type creatures, formed in a labratory that attaches to the sphaera and sends the magic through the body of the user

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Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure

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There may be major inconsistencies throughout each section, as each were written with long spans of time in between (Earliest ideas and drafting circa December 2017)

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History - What is Sphaera’s history?

Kor 13th, SD, the year of Sphaera Discovery, The 'Essence of Life' was discovered. The Essence originally was used on trees, making them grow faster and change their fruit in general. Eventually the Essence of Life was used on creatures, and created a reaction in creatures. A dark green glow in their chest, it slowly over the first 3 years of study grew and around the fourth year, burst out the chest and became exposed, nothing really changed from then for a while, but each of the creatures that were tested on died, either through natural causes, or from tests. Humans, being curious as we are, tried the essence on themselves, the same result, but through the life of a human, it changed colors. Dark Green, Light green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, then White, but only in their lives, getting to Red. Only later further tests got all the way to white.

This essence’s creation was later called a Sphaera. But the sphaera did nothing at that point, they had energy, but there was no way to use it. A few insane scientists put the energy in a person, waited till a different color and ripped the sphaera out using the sphaera to power machinery, starting the electric revolution. Years laters, Fun, Nin, Kin, Lon, Fanan, Arinnaderni, Also known as the ‘creators.’ The creators did many things in their lives but easily the most important relevant task was Fun’s. Fun created a pod, ingested as a pill, that would grow into a parasite, that was perfectly harmless, but bound to one’s heart. Later tests, mostly on newborns showed when a sphaera was created it began forming in the parasite’s pod that showed outside, a ring setting look to it. Sadly the original Sphaera-pod was not smiled upon. Having a potentially dangerous creature attached to one’s heart and holding a mysterious thing that only recently developed.

With testing, the sphaera now mattered. The parasite fed on the sphaera energy, and put the energy into the user. The parasite was basically a machine, taking nothing for itself, just being there giving the energy it feeds to the person. This current state described was around 20 some years after SD, now referred to as ASD (After Sphaera Discovery)

The creators began doing wonderful feats. Somehow doing impossible tasks that to this day, nobody can explain. In 27 ASD the gate to Tempus was created, allowing exploration of the planet.

gavel Rules
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Sphaera?

The laws of physics are followed nearly entirely like reality's albeit exceptions, due to massive increases in power due to the Sphaera

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Sphaera?

sphaera are the essence of the power found in any man and woman. Or creature. Or just about anything. If one was sphaeraless one was useless. Like that banana peel tossed aside after a fat man's lunch. Even if someone steps on it, nobody falls on a banana peel in the middle of the grass. The grass is already slicker than a banana peel.

Every person with a sphaera started in point A} Black sphaera. Which was useless. One couldn't control anything with a sphaera of black. One's sphaera is useless since one's soul is useless, even if one was born a godly hero with extreme power, One'd still be a black sphaera till around the age of ten.

When one's sphaera gains color, typically around the age of 10-18, Point B as some call it. Dark Green. Dark Green sphaera is basically one's first glimpse of power. Upon reaching Dark-green sphaera. One begins to show magic. Not everyone can properly grasp their magical ability at this age. But those who can tend to become powerful wizards. As well as one's compatibility with magic, one's body gets stronger, one's physical strength, whether it be barely pick up a can of cola or can lift 100kg. Would improve by 1.5x.

After Dark Green sphaera one's sphaera forms into a proper Green sphaera, typically manifesting around the age of 20. Where in Green sphaera, most people that are compatible with Magic are able to harness magic at this point, if by this point One has not developed magic One have no magic compatibility no matter one's heritage. But if One is magic compatible, One'd be able to use about half one's maximum ability. Whether One is born to be an elementist, allowance to use all elements of Magic, a Limited Elementist, a limited selection of elements of magic, typically all destruction, all defensive, or all utility related. Or even a single magus, whose power is stronger than any of the previous magic-users, being able to focus all their time on one element. Creating a stronger threshold. This sphaera allows one to be twice as strong as originally. Now being able to lift 200kg if one's max was 100kg {{Also would improve with training as that tends to go with strength}}. One's mental capabilities, including thought processing and focus, would too be doubled.

After Green sphaera comes Cyan sphaera, Cyan sphaera tends to appear in the mid 20's range of one's life, when one may live to the fullest potential without complaints to themselves. Cyan sphaera is the first of sphaera to allow one to use a maximum choice of magic, to the fullest extent. Later being able to improve on with heavy training. One is able to use all ultimates of magic. If magic is not manifested in one by this point in their life they are not able to ever use magic. Born without ties to the magus. At this point, one's physical and mental boundaries would be able to around three times the average max for a no sphaera at one's point in life.

Cyan sphaera comes blue sphaera. Blue sphaera forms around 30 years of life. Blue sphaera is the first power of the sphaera to increase magical capability over one's maximum. 1.5x. While one's physical and mental strength is improved basically four times its max. Blue sphaera is an unsurprising place for some people to stop heavily training their sphaera to gain power. Making most content.

Next Purple, around the age of 35. The purple sphaera is about the midpoint in one's life. Purple sphaera doubles magical capabilities and 5 times the amount of mental and physical level.

Purple goes red/pink. Each person begins to vary here, starting in the early forties generally, if One get to this point. Most people tend to stick around a mid-red color. But most everyone has a different shade of red. Reflecting one's inner soul. If One has a pink sphaera one's natural soul is a lighthearted free spirit, usually leaning towards justice. If it's a deep red, One is powerful and easily emotional. Easily swayed from a path of justice. The sphaera tends to give six times the person's physical capabilities. Magical power is three times its normal power. Mental ability, stopping here. From the heralds fear of making the inhabitants of the world too powerful.

After the variation. Most return to the same colors if staying on the path. The orange sphaera is next. The orange sphaera is where the population dwindles out in color. Most people stop at a blue sphaera or red sphaera. Leaving only a 22% population with going onto Orange sphaera. Increasing power by 7x. And magic power of three and a half times. Orange sphaera appears in ones mid to late forties

Orange sphaera goes yellow. Yellow is one of the hardest 2 to achieve. Manifesting in one's sixties if One continue heavy training. At this point. There's one last sphaera to achieve next. The yellow sphaera is commonly referred to as golden sphaera, due to his high brilliance in glow. Golden sphaera may represent one with a good heart. Increasing physical strength by 8x. Magic by 5x.

Lastly, the white sphaera, also known as god sphaera, But at this point, there is no physical strain on one's body despite having the age. At the level of Orange sphaera, One can begin to change one's body with one's power, even able to make oneself akin to the ages of even five to six year olds. Starting from the dark green sphaera. White sphaera is strangely, more common than the yellow sphaera, at a 3% population compared to yellow sphaera 1%. Increasing magic power by ten times, physical power by ten times. And the intense training necessary to achieve this status is one of the most impressive feats one can come across.

CURSES (4 most common)

The most common cursesphaera is the broken sphaera. It's any sphaera that may have been shattered and rendered useless, usually since one's soul is bound to one's sphaera one would die, if one's soul doesn't die from the destruction of one's sphaera, with high enough magical capabilities One can become a Dark Priest/Witch. Whom spread curse through the use of black magic, only possible through broken sphaera.

The first physically manifesting sphaera is the Bloodsphaera. The blood sphaera gives one's body double their previous capabilities, meaning a bloodied purple sphaera would equal one's power of a white sphaera in physical capabilities. The only way to achieve blood sphaera would be to have an already blood sphaera's blood covering one's sphaera, or a dark priest or dark witch's curse. The transformation is a crime known as Vampirism. The transformation from a pure sphaera to a curse sphaera causes one's canines to largen and create fangs. The fangs are extremely toxic, causing one to die in a day if blood was drawn by the fangs. A simple cure potion can stop the death of the fang's poison. But one will feel fatigued for easily two weeks. Vampires, those inflicted by the blood sphaera, have deep red sphaera, keeping their previous sphaera's power under it. Just being a catalyst to improve one's power. Vampires are weak to daylight and silver based weapons, light magic being a catalyst of the sun can burn a vampire too, not always fatal

The second physically manifesting curse sphaera is the beast sphaera. Signified by a blue streak in the non-transformed cursed form. The beast sphaera is one of the more terrifying curses possible. Having the user of the beast sphaera becomes a large humanoid wolf, twice-sometimes thrice- the size of a human. Their physical capabilities in their beast form are 4 times their non-cursed capabilities, the beast sphaera is very weak to magic. Having even cyan levels take out the curse sphaera with magic. But in melee range. They can easily kill even the strongest white sphaera. Approach with caution. They too are weak to silver and light magic.

The last known curse is the shadow curse. Which in the era of shadows, was a prominent curse that posed a threat to all life

The shadow curse is known to increase magic by up to 50 times and physicality by 50 times. A shadow cursed is hardly conscious past 3 days of cursed, all they want to do is pass the shadows. Their curse. And to kill any man or woman immune to the curse or standing against them. They want nothing but destruction and chaos. Early in a shadow person's life, they are conscious nearly the entire time, only having urges to use black magic, able to use the black magic catalyst with their bare hands. There are little-known ways for one to become a shadow person and if one is created, the strongest fighters from Novus, and Arctus are called to kill it as soon as possible. It's only known weakness is intense forms of light magic, either vampire level (any color) or yellow sphaera and up.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Sphaera?

Sphaera cause a lot of technology to be advanced-seeming, allowing uses of plasma, magic, energy, and many others, although it is hugely based upon late renessiance or early industrial era technologies and structures

all_inclusive Magic/Power
Magic Types

Luz - Light

Nokten - Dark
Fyur - Fire
Fluind - Water
Ertus - Earth
Vendus - Air
Kuno- Destruction

Magic Use

   NOTE: Each Type can be given a name, though, it would be nice to specify its use of ability, like calling something a Dark Stream may be good to clarify (Dark/Nokten Beam) 

Self Magic


Self Magic affects the user, Buffs if you would
Manipulation controls the element in use, move a light source, move a flame or water, etc
Touch is an effect on the object, Fire cooks, burns or creates smoke, Water extinguishes, freezes, and dampens/makes wet etc
Projectile shoots a projectile
Aspect lets you enhance your control or see through the aspect of your element, OR an increase in mentality for research on stronger magic
Beam shoots a beam
Form changes your form to the element or a representation of it
Voice is a way of inflicting mood or control on one,
Luz is absolute control
Nokten is absolute disobedience
Fyur is rage
Fluind is peace or serenity
Ertus is confidence
Vendus is absolute free will, freedom of debt or mind
Kuno’s voice effect is purely random

User's Type

Single Magus -- One Element (Would be stronger than if someone had multiple elements and used the same exact ability)

Duality Magus -- Two Element Types, Super high chance of a third bleedover element (Typically one or more opposites of the primary two, very very limited use, one to two abilities max usually)

Half Elementus -- Three to Four elements to be used (Each generally weaker, compared to a simple magus's element equivilant)

Full Elementus -- Can use any Element, each limited in use, but able to use whatever elements preferred

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