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Powers Universe

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The place where my superheros live

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Very similar to ours until they started messing around with time travel.

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Same as earth's

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Powers Universe?

More developed than ours but somewhat reminiscent.

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No magic. Only tech

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Not many notes. It's parallel to our universe but with some key differences.

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This universe contains...
6 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Michael McCarthy He is another superhuman and Maggie's boyfriend.
group Maggie Laroche She is a main character and a superhero
group Christina Fountaine CEO of Mercury Labs and the only thing between the superhumans and the threats of the common world.
group Bryan Winters He has telepathic and telekinesis powers.
group Phoebe Xu Not a superhuman. Kinda the mastermind behind the scenes.
group Chris Gold He is another superhuman

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