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Soft Apocalypse World

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It's the exact same as right now, except after the apocalypse. There are no zombies, cannibals, just the aftermath of a nuclear war. These people are all best friends, and are just coming out of the bunker ten years later. Their parents and other friends are dead, and greens have overgrown everything in New York City.

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World War III hit in 2019, and destroyed most of the population. leaving only a couple of cities behind. When the people came out in 2029, when the radio station (that somehow survived) said it was safe. They band together and rebuild the cities, while battling bandits, other tribes, and wildlife affected by radiation.

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It's the same, but most internet and WiFi connections are down. Eventually they are rebuilt, and the phones/ computers are back.

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Same as the Earth Now

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No Magic

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