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Crystal Genesis

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A universe of magical girls and magical crystals.

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Hana tries to be a magical girl and shenanigans.





Crystal Genesis

date_range History
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Technology has advances much faster than in our world, so it's still in the 1180s.

Origin - How did Crystal Genesis originate?

It can from a dream.

gavel Rules
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Crystal Genesis?

Magical Girl physics.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Crystal Genesis?

Magical girl

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Crystal Genesis?

It's modern/sci-fi in it's technology.

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Crystal Genesis?

A dream I had

This universe contains...
104 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Hikosaburo Ozoku Father of Eiyo
group Asahi Dohai Younger Sister of Waraigoe
group Chihoko Kitsune Mother of Tejina Kistune
group Yumeji Tsurimi Mother of Tsume
group Munoto Miyazaki Mother of Rei
group Yei Ozoku Mother of Eiyo
group Kiniro Hoseki Topaz Crystal Warrior
group Saki Hoseki Younger Sister of Kiniro
group Denishe Dohai Mother of Waragoie
group Satoru Tsuchi Younger Brother to Tama
group Naohiro Tsuchi Younger Brother of Tama Tsuchi
group Fletcher Strand
group André-Marie Bonhomme
group Yuuken
group Carlotta La Beaux
group Lilia Van Rouge Vice Housewarden of Diasomnia
group Kalim Al-Asim Housewarden of Scarabia
group Urayumashii Fuchoowa Antagonist
group Vil Schoenheit Housewarden of Pomefiore
group Ruggie N/A
group Grim N/A
group Argus Ojan Thalassa N/A
group Riddle Rosehearts
group Katie Kozake Armor Shopkeeper
group Piper "Pip" Giuliani N/A
group Leona Kingscholar Housewarden of Savanaclaw
group Kifaji
group Idia Shroud Dorm Head of Ignihyde
group Nanao Miyasaki Shopkeeper
group Sebek Zigvolt N/A
group Eiyo Ozoku Diamond Warrior
group Hatsuyo Koike Background Character
group Mitsukuni Dohai Older Brother to Waraigoe
group Naofumi Kitsune Father of Tejina
group Tazu Dohai Younger Sister of Waraigoe
group Sanzo Miyazaki Younger Brother of Rei
group Julia Paita Housewarden of Ramshackle
group Rollo N/A
group Okiku Ganseki Mother of Tsuki
group Tejina Kitsune Jade Crystal Warrior
group Tanaka Fuchoowa Younger Sister to Uray
group Deuce Spade N/A
group Malleus Draconia Housewarden of Diasomnia
group Blue Lace Agate N/A
group Bendy
group Yuu N/A
group Fujimaro N/A
group Jessie Snow Background Character
group Tsuki Ganseki Moonstone Crystal Warrior
group Tama Tsuchi Pearl Crystal Warrior
group Azul N/A
group Megu Kato Shopkeeper
group Len Kagamine N/A
group Miku Hatsune N/A
group Mirai Yakumo N/A
group Waraigoe Dohai Side Character
group Walter McQuaide N/A
group Umi Aquamarine Crystal Warrior
group Ammy N/A
group Chinatsu Ritsushima Shopkeeper
group Pyrrha Nikos Background Character
group Chihori Ogata Shopkeeper
group Hanagumori Ichiryuu Protagonist
group Namiyo Hana Younger Sister of Chi
group Arine Ganseki Father of Tsuki
group Dera Tsuchi N/A
group Ririko Dohai Younger Sister of Waraigoe Dohai
group Emama Dohai Younger Sister of Waraigoe
group Eratsu Miyazaki Father of Rei
group Kame Kitsune Younger Sister to Tejina
group Okitsugu Hana Father of Chi
group Okichi Hana Older Sister of Chi
group Sanjiro Tsuchi Younger Brother of Tama
group Sama Soseki Mother of Amaya
group Ane Tsuchi Mother of Tama
group Takafumi Kitsune Older Brother of Tejina
group Tsugiharu Dohai Father of Waraigoe
group Moanna Watase Food Shopkeeper
group Shoji Miyazaki Younger Brother of Rei
group Mitsuhide Tsurimi Father of Okichi
group Tasuku Tenshi Father of Rikai
group Matsudaira Tsuchi Father of Tama
group Kirari Hana N/A
group Yone Ozoku N/A
group Rei Miyazaki Bone Crystal Warrior
group Takafumi Fuchoowa Father of Urayumashii
group Chi Hana Garnet Crystal Warrior
group Kaiyo Sakurada Citrine Crystal Warrior
group Hikaru Tsuchi N/A
group Amaya Soseki Ebony Warrior
group Okichi Tsurimi Opal Crystal Warrior
group Beni Dohai
group Madoka Ueyonabaru Shopkeeper
group Kako Hana Older Sister of Chi
group Miyashiro Miyazaki N/A
group En Fuchoowa Mother of Urayumashii
group Rinjin Sakurada Father of Kaiyo
group Kiyomasu Tsuchi Older Brother of Tama Tsuchi
group Annamae Hoseki Mother of Kiniro
group Oki Miyazaki Younger Sister of Rei
group Yasunobu Soseki Father of Amaya Soseki
group Rikai Tenshi Turquoise Crystal Warrior
group Hisa Hana N/A
group Kako Sakurada Mother to Kaiyo

37 buildings reorder
business Buildings close
business Ramshackle Dorm N/A
business Pomefiore Dorm
business Diasomnia Dorm N/A
business Halo Orphan Home The orphanage in Kennai.
business The Bits and Pizzas Pizzeria N/A
business Lillia's House
business (Cafe)
business ?
business ? N/A
business Aces A factory in Kennai.
business Angel Wing Brewers
business Church of Ubum A temple for the [[Religion-8853]] .
business Bakers Delight A cute little bakery in the city of [[Town-16899]].
business Defense Lab of the Establishment of Horology A laboratory in Kennai.
business Divine Blossom Espresso Bar A cute cafe in Kennai.
business Bought Again A quint little shop located in the downtown of [[Town-16899]].
business Club Colosseum A nightclub in downtown Kennai.
business Cerulean Gardens Sanatorium An asylum in Kennai.
business Freeguard Nest A hideout in Kennai.
business Gemstone Banks Inc. The bank used across the nation.
business Dufax Manor The mansion of the Fuchoowa family.
business Raven's Nest Estate
business Ruby Valley Hospital Center The local hospital in Kennai.
business The Amber Oyster N/A
business The Wrestling Bombshell Boutique A boutique in Kennai.
business The Exalted Wolf Shop A general store in Kennai.
business The Marina Mantle Casino A casino set-up in Kennai.
business Restmeadow Manor
business The Animus Den From the outside this hideout looks stylish. It has been built with bricks covered in render and has marble decorations. Small, half rounded windows let in plenty of light and have been added to th...
business The Sickly Pudding A tavern in Kennai.
business The Listening Moon Mall The local mall for [[Town-16899]].
business Heroic Discipline A guild located in [[Town-16899]]. It doesn't get much use.
business Ivory Beach Inn A small inn in Kennai.
business The Bigger Giant A magic shop in Kennai.
business The Primal Sanctuary An ancient temple that the Crystal Warriors are said to train in.
business Visual Eyes Bookstore A bookstore in Kennai.
business Crimson Galaxy Hotel A fancy hotel in Kennai.

14 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Natural Poison Harvester You are exceedingly proficient at harvesting and distilling poison from venomous monsters.
bubble_chart Secret Identity N/A
bubble_chart Hypnotic Aroma As a swift action, an aromaphile can use unique aspects of ghoran biology to release intoxicating aromas in a 10-foot-radius burst centered on them.
bubble_chart Cultivate Magic Plants You combine a natural green thumb and knowledge of magic in order to grow magic plant.
bubble_chart Jackalroot Essence N/A
bubble_chart Animal Disguise With a little work, you can convincingly disguise yourself as an animal.
bubble_chart Branch Pounce You are adept at exploiting higher ground to its greatest advantage in battle, and can leap from above to deal incredible damage to your foes.
bubble_chart Indomitable Mountain Avalanche You are an impassable mountain, hurling your enemies back.
bubble_chart Nature's Freedom Creatures affected by your channel energy are not affected by difficult terrain.
bubble_chart Bolstered Resilience N/A
bubble_chart Contagious Rage The barbarian howls during combat, agitating nearby fauna. Willing animals and magical beasts within 30 feet of the barbarian gain the benefits of the rage spell for as long as they maintain their ...
bubble_chart Amber Sun N/A
bubble_chart Dragon Greed
bubble_chart Clumsy N/A

1 country reorder
flag Countries close
flag Aplana An island nation that has mountains and forests.

48 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Cake Dark Fennec Fox A dark fennec fox with a cake-like look.
pets Dog Fennec Fox A fennec fox that looks a bit like a dog.
pets Ashinaga N/A
pets Bugbear This muscular humanoid is a bugbear, the biggest and strongest of the common goblinoids.
pets Dark Stalker Dark stalkers are tall, frail humanoids with incredibly pale skin.
pets Demon Knight N/A
pets Golem Pixel A strange pixel version of a golem.
pets Slime Pixel N/A
pets Crawler A large worm-like creature.
pets Dragon Fighter N/A
pets Jorogumo
pets Purple Drakee
pets Coarei, Champion of Dragons N/A
pets Princess Luna N/A
pets Mermaid Ice Fennec Fox A mermaid fennec fox with an ice like theme.
pets Cockatrice A cockatrice is a mythical beast, essentially a two-legged dragon or serpent-like creature with a rooster's head.
pets Dark Water Fennec Fox A fennec fox of darkness and water.
pets Fat Cat Fennec Fox A fat cat-like fennec fox.
pets Plushie Cat-Like Alien A strange plushie that resembles a cat-like alien.
pets Galacttle Full Moon N/A
pets Split Cat-Like Alien A cat-like alien with a split coat pattern.
pets Strawberry Cat-Like Alien It is a small, cat-like creature with a strawberry pattern to its coat. It's not from this world.
pets Kekkai Kekkai are a kind of sankai—childbirth monster. They are small and ugly, resembling a monkey.
pets Cosmic Snow Kitsune A cosmic pattern snow kitsune. It is very rare to see one.
pets Arahabaki Arahabaki is an indigenous Emishi God that was defeated by the heavens.
pets Claw Warrior Pixel A pixel man wielding a pair of claws.
pets Giant Ant N/A
pets Dracomancer A dragon who has master magic and ascended.
pets Angel A warrior and a singer.
pets Chimera A fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.
pets Akateko N/A
pets Amiriki Amikiri are small, crustacean-like yokai which resemble shrimp or lobsters. They have a long body, a red, segmented shell, a bird-like beak, and two scissor-like claws on their forearms. They fly t...
pets Rad Monster N/A
pets Earth King N/A
pets Megascops Eudocimus N/A
pets Darklord N/A
pets Yamata No Orochi
pets Wrickles N/A
pets Mage
pets Boss N/A
pets Slime Pixel
pets ? N/A
pets Amaya N/A
pets Gilda (Griffon) Gilda has come a long way and learned a lot of important lessons about friendship. Although she now tries to embody the ideals of friendship, she still has a long way to go. On a good day Gilda is ...
pets Discord
pets Fire Sprite A fire elemental.
pets Oil Slime A slime made of oil. It looks like fire doesn't effect it.
pets Cereberus

2 groups reorder
wc Groups close
wc Vocaloid A music group.
wc Crystal Warriors A group of magical girls and boys with gemstone themes.

6 jobs reorder
work Jobs close
work Commando
work Wilderness Warden Wilderness wardens are vigilant guardians of natural places of all kinds, from mountain peaks to tangled thickets.
work Wildborn A wildborn is proficient with leather and hide armors (but not shields) and all simple weapons that can be crafted from bone, stone, or wood.
work Feral Striker A feral striker taps into a reservoir of druidic power hidden inside themself, allowing them to take animalistic characteristics.
work Fey Prankster
work Bacchanal Bacchanals are skalds who use ecstatic dancing and ribald songs to influence the primal instincts of listeners. To these skalds, the passionate frenzy of a celebration or feast shares many features...

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