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Name - What is this universe's name?

Demon of Eternity

Description - How would you describe Demon of Eternity?

A universe rebuilding from the ashes of war.

Genre - What genre best describes Demon of Eternity?

Horror, Sci-Fi


Just a girl wanting to find her brother and live in peace.




Demon of Eternity

date_range History
History - What is Demon of Eternity’s history?

Year 108 of Lord Ideevixon the Rejoicing's rule: a historically important shortage of herbs
100 years later: Nef the Slothful knighted
55 years later: a far-reaching price increase of lamp oil
10 years later: Trat the Heroic dies
10 years later: the Central Flare
9 years later: Tand the Stoic falls from grace
8 years later: a major price drop of saffron
7 years later: a troll is smuggled into the country
6 years later: a ghost is smuggled into the country
6 years later: a chimera is slain by a famous adventurer
5 years later: a notable shortage of spice
5 years later: a sprite causes several notable fatalities
4 years later: Jafacum Bridge foundation laid
4 years later: the Unending Shift
3 years later: Koan Basilica razed

Origin - How did Demon of Eternity originate?

From a dream

gavel Rules
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Demon of Eternity?

Same as the real world, but it's science fiction.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Demon of Eternity?

There is no magic in Demon of Eternity.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Demon of Eternity?


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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Demon of Eternity?

A dream

This universe contains...
26 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Rot Grubs Rot grubs are nauseating parasites that feed on flesh and nest in corpses. Generally, a handful of the grubs infest a single corpse at a time. A DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check is enough to notice ...
bubble_chart Ear Seekers Ear seekers are tiny, pale-colored worms that dwell in rotting wood or other organic detritus. They can be noticed with a DC 15 Perception check. Otherwise, a living creature poking about their lai...
bubble_chart Moderate Addiction Addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences. A variety of complex neurobiological and psychosocial factors are i...
bubble_chart Mania Mania, also known as manic syndrome, is a mental and behavioral disorder defined as a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level, or "a state of heightened overall activation wi...
bubble_chart Multiple Personality Disorder N/A
bubble_chart Phobia Excessive, extreme, irrational, fear or panic reaction about a situation, living creature, place or object.
bubble_chart Schizophrenia N/A
bubble_chart Greater Gathlain Magic N/A
bubble_chart Sproutling You are able to sprout more quickly than most, though your body in underdeveloped.
bubble_chart Photosynthetic Healing You can heal yourself using sunlight. You can temporarily draw energy from the sun to heal your wounds. Once per day while you are using change shape to assume a plant form, you can activate this a...
bubble_chart Bristling Bull Rush You deal damage to opponents when bull rushing them through difficult terrain, using the environment itself to harm your targets.
bubble_chart Group Shared Spells You and your allies can cast spells through each other's familiars as if they were your own.
bubble_chart Improved Beast Hunter You are well trained in stalking and hunting the animals of the wild.
bubble_chart Improved Spring Attack You dart through the press of battle like a breeze, assaulting foes as you pass.
bubble_chart Intimidate Animals You are skilled at intimidating animals with your bluster and fury.
bubble_chart Live Off The Land You can easily pluck what you need from nature's bounty as you travel.
bubble_chart Mutated Shape Your wild shape form gains an additional appendage you can use to attack your foes.
bubble_chart Swamper The soft ground and flowing reeds of fetid bogs and misty marshes are as comfortable to you as any sunny meadow would be for others.
bubble_chart Totemic Disciple Your understanding of your barbaric totem flourishes as your combat prowess grows.
bubble_chart Draughtcap Fungus N/A
bubble_chart Goblin's Eye N/A
bubble_chart Nymph's Lure N/A
bubble_chart Grounding Goo The alchemist's bomb applies a sticky residue after any damage from the bomb is resolved.
bubble_chart In the Wind At 9th level, the climb and fly speeds of forms the aerie protector assumes with their wild shape ability (if any) increase by 10 feet. The maneuverability of their flying forms improvers by one ca...
bubble_chart Fear: Fire N/A
bubble_chart Silence N/A

40 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Orc Mage An orc who is skilled in the ways of magic.
pets Fire Pixel A strange fire elemental made out of pixels. It like to hang around the beach, odd?
pets Knight Pixel N/A
pets Dark Dragon
pets Dark Lord-2000
pets Cerebrus Pixel
pets Jar Pixel N/A
pets Gold Slime A slime made out of gold.
pets Miner A prisoner of war force to work in the mines.
pets Brick Slime N/A
pets Evil God A monstrous created by the wasteland of the world.
pets Chimera N/A
pets The Triplets N/A
pets The Old King N/A
pets Adventurer Stan N/A
pets Vaporkin A type of water elemental.
pets Machine A machine that has become sentient.
pets Snow Demon Ghost Kitsune
pets Shag Cat
pets Haelerion
pets Sunken God A sunken god of the sea.
pets Hive A strange abomination against the world.
pets Gollageth A strange eldritch abomination.
pets Big Crab N/A
pets Animated Object An animated object was a simple construct created through magic such as the animate objects spell.
pets Hound Archon Hound archons are disciplined soldiers and sentinels.
pets Chuul Chuuls are armored, crustacean-like predators that lurk beneath the surfaces of shallow ponds and mires, bursting from concealment to snatch up prey in their chitinous pincers.
pets Glabrezu Demon N/A
pets Babau Demon A babau typically carries a long spear or other weapon with which it can strike at foes beyond its normal reach, but given the opportunity, a babau prefers to fight with its teeth or claws.
pets Dretch Demon The lowly dretch is as hideous and foul as it is cruel, even if it lacks the strength and power to realize its need to brutalize others in its native realm. The lot of the dretch’s existence is to ...
pets Behemoth N/A
pets Ancient Moon Dragon N/A
pets Dancer N/A
pets King Crab N/A
pets Slime N/A
pets Shroom Pixel N/A
pets Mage N/A
pets Rogue A rogue running around some ruins.
pets Gum Slime
pets Shroom Pixel

3 floras reorder
eco Floras close
eco Acidic Lemon Tree This tree grows oblong, yellow fruit that feel overripe to the touch.
eco Yolkalia This perennial beauty will brighten any garden with its dazzling flame red petals.
eco Banshee Flower

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