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Winchester High

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Fiction, Sci Fi, Horror, Gore, Alternate History/Reality

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Set in the near future, but in an alternate reality with an alternate history and geography.

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The USA had a major problem in the year (insert year); it's government was no longer being run by it's citizens, but by the tyrannical Democratic and Republican parties. A rebellion was soon organized by some brave civilians, and by the year 2022 most of the participants in the rebellion were dead, or 'missing'. A year later the president of the USA, John Gabriel, and the leader of the Freedom Squad, Peracelcus "Perry" Winchester, discussed a peace agreement between the USA and the generals of the Freedom Squad. Each of the 50 generals happened to be from one of the 50 states. The agreement was that each state would become a country, hold the name of the state, and that Washington D.C. would also become a country.
Now, with D.C. being a country, it didn't have complete control over the other countries. However, if the president of D.C. wanted to change something in one of the other countries, he or she would have to have a meeting with the president of the country it wanted to be involved with. This would allow the other country to either accept or decline D.C.'s idea. At the end of the one month long meeting The United Countries of the United States of America, or TUCUSA, was created.

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Somewhat futuristic.

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Same as our own

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Psychics exist.

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This universe contains...
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group Ruby Umyu
group Ariana Sknow Psychic. Levi's neighbor. Teaching Levi how to use his powers.
group Carolina Qwagnon
group Annabell Spark Principal of Winchester High. Levi's friend. Telekinetic.
group Leonardio Gregory Keen
group Levi Darker Protagonist. Teacher. Psychic.
group Clownface Homicidal maniac. Antagonist

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