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Name - What is the name of Imzadek Indlan?

Imzadek Indlan

Description - How would you describe Imzadek Indlan?

The invasion of the mind, and the warping of the thoughts

Type of magic - What type of magic is Imzadek Indlan?


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Visuals - What do the visual effects of Imzadek Indlan look like?

For the victim, usually they see nothing, but they hear a voice in their head which they usually assume is their own thoughts- thoughts that for some reason, they can't control. Usually they're tempting words, or belittling feelings, or even a voice trying to get them to reveal their secrets. If the caster is desperate enough, they can take control of your dreams, if you do not know how to defend your mind against it.

Effects - What effects does Imzadek Indlan have?

victim- nausea, feeling crazy, loss of sleep, insomnia
caster- fatigue, nausea (sometimes vomiting) sweat, seizures (if bad enough)

Aftereffects - What visual effects persist after Imzadek Indlan?

both the caster and the victim are usually pale and sickly looking after the fact, and often dowsed in sweat. The victim will be paranoid, and the caster will want to be alone.

flare Effects
Positive effects - What positive effects does Imzadek Indlan have?

It is a way to learn information without being caught (most of the time) because there is no proof.

Neutral effects - What neutral effects does Imzadek Indlan have?


Negative effects - What negative effects does Imzadek Indlan have?

extreme side effects, paranoia and fear.

Scale - How does the power level of Imzadek Indlan scale?

70 out of 100

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Element - What element is Imzadek Indlan most closely aligned to?


lock Requirements
Resource costs - What resource costs are required to use Imzadek Indlan?


Materials required - What materials are required to use Imzadek Indlan?


Skills required - What skills are required to use Imzadek Indlan?

lots of practice, precaution and patience.

Limitations - What limitations does Imzadek Indlan have? What can't it do?

it can't extract information that the victim doesn't know, or see anything that the victim isn't currently thinking about. it also can't harm the victim physically.

Education - What needs to be learned before Imzadek Indlan can be used?

caution, control, and delicacy.

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