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Name - What is Magmarr’s full name?


Type - What type of location is Magmarr?


Description - Describe Magmarr.

Capital of Clubs Kingdom

face Culture
Language - What languages are spoken in Magmarr?


Population - What is Magmarr’s population?


Currency - What currencies are used in Magmarr?

Mostly coins, and bartering

Motto - What is Magmarr’s motto?


Laws - What are the laws in Magmarr?

very little

Sports - What sports are played in Magmarr?

Ice hockey

business Cities
map Geography
Area - What kind of area is Magmarr in?

Open plains, but wintery

Crops - What crops does Magmarr produce?

Corn, greens

Located at - Where is Magmarr located?

In the Clubs Kingdom

Climate - What is the climate like in Magmarr?

Cold, the summers are mild.

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Magmarr founded?

Hearts and Spades fought a two-year war over the land, and gave up and let a new kingdom be made

Established Year - When was Magmarr established?

303 years ago

Notable Wars - What notable wars has Magmarr been involved in?

The founding of Clubs,

edit Notes

The interesting characteristic of Magmarr is that the queen doesn’t really watch over it, she just gives out permission to do whatever. So the builders & architects guild have run rampant and the whole place is a confusing patch-up quilt of bridges, ruins, new roads, old roads, and constructions in progress. The usual task for graduating student of the School for Explorers isn’t to map it out In two weeks, which is actually a pretty safe job just confusing and difficult.

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