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Name - What is Quinn’s hometown’s full name?

Quinn’s hometown

Type - What type of location is Quinn’s hometown?

Rural forest town

Description - Describe Quinn’s hometown.

On the coast, lots of either storms & hurricanes or sunny beach days. The area is curses or something, no one knows, but it make the residents sick and weak.

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Language - What languages are spoken in Quinn’s hometown?

common, whale song

Population - What is Quinn’s hometown’s population?


Currency - What currencies are used in Quinn’s hometown?

Bartering, and also coins.

Motto - What is Quinn’s hometown’s motto?

The sooner begun, the sooner be done.
they're not all good ideas.

Laws - What are the laws in Quinn’s hometown?

See; Ten Commandments.

Sports - What sports are played in Quinn’s hometown?

Whatever they can think of

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Area - What kind of area is Quinn’s hometown in?

On the coast of Spades, with the town spread across a hill, so half of it is on a cliff and then it goes downhill to a nice sandy beach

Crops - What crops does Quinn’s hometown produce?

Turnips, edible water lettuce, oysters, saltwater cattails

Located at - Where is Quinn’s hometown located?


Climate - What is the climate like in Quinn’s hometown?

Stormy or sunny, no in between.

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Quinn’s hometown founded?

no one knows, its a small place without much significance.

Established Year - When was Quinn’s hometown established?


Notable Wars - What notable wars has Quinn’s hometown been involved in?


edit Notes

For some reason, the area of enter better name than “quinn’s Hometown” is rather toxic, and the citizens are often weak, sickly, and/or have asthma. SOme are worse off than others, and our protagonist ( Darquinn Malcolm Hunter ) is better off than most other people. The others are underweight, just cause they are weak, and often pale. Their hair isn’t very healthy looking, so when outsiders come to town with their shiny, cared-for locks they seem impressive. The townsfolk speculate that the area is like this because they live on the coastline of Spades, so some sorcery probably took place long ago, making the air subtly toxic, and the water less pure than it might have been.

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