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Qamar is a major city situated in the eastern nation, often called the City of the Moon.

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Over 60,000

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Five hundred years before the Great Calamity, Qamar was once a strong empire. It was known for its devout worship and research to astrology, which was said that it could predict various events by reading constellations, however, after the death of the Curator of Night, who was responsible for the management of stars, the stars disappeared and the study was left mostly abandoned.

A faction of scholars who are still devoted to the study of astrology, called "Talib", often travel to other nations in search of the missing stars.

edit Notes

  • Talib means "seeker" in Arabic.

  • Pure-blooded Qamar people were characterized by their dark blue hair and golden eyes.

  • It is inspired by Iranian culture.

  • In real life, Iran and Mexico (country that inspired Zenpatlan) have a good diplomatic relationship.


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