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Name - What is Isla’s full name?


Type - What type of location is Isla?


Description - Describe Isla.

Isla is one of the largest countries in the continent, with several small city establishments on the edges, surrounding the mega-city capitol, where royalty and nobility live.

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Language - What languages are spoken in Isla?

Most, if not all (Demonic, "Common", Elementals, etc.) due to dense population of Visoners.

Population - What is Isla’s population?

The largest of all countries with ~30M

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Crops - What crops does Isla produce?

They produce most metals from the warm mine shafts to the south of their country.

Located at - Where is Isla located?

The southernmost country of the continents, and also closest to the equator (that cuts right below Elisther).

Climate - What is the climate like in Isla?

The south, the farthest away from the equator, is the chilliest because of mountains and shoreline. The mainland is forested area with four seasons and warmth all the time.

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