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Name - What is The City of Inco’s full name?

The City of Inco

Type - What type of location is The City of Inco?


Description - Describe The City of Inco.

The City of Inco has many forests, its government ensures that the environment is as clean as it can possibly be. A river flows by on the east side.

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Language - What languages are spoken in The City of Inco?

There are no exact language as there are many dialects and diverse people here.

Population - What is The City of Inco’s population?


Currency - What currencies are used in The City of Inco?


Motto - What is The City of Inco’s motto?

You're all going to Hell, goodbye.
- The founder's mother, Margaret Jane Abbott

Laws - What are the laws in The City of Inco?

Abuse of the homeless will get you a fine of 95,000 Moneta to donate to the homeless monthly, and community service for 10 weeks. (A severe abuse will land you in a 4 year jailtime)

General abuse, pedophilia, rape of any kind and will end up in 2 years in jail then death penalty.

Murder of any kind will cost you 30 years in jail and after jailtime, death penalty. Or they pay for the funeral services and will be publicly shamed and still get the punishment.

Kidnapping will cost 100,000 Moneta and 10 year jailtime.

Theft for objects of personal value will land you 23 weeks in community service in jailtime, while theft for objects monetary value will land in 4 years.

Grand heists will land you 16 years in jailtime plus a 12,000
Moneta monthly payment during the jailtime, to the people stolen from.

Breaking in houses will land you 20 weeks of community service and 1 year in jail.

Assault of any kind will result in 5 years jailtime and payment for hospital fees.

Sports - What sports are played in The City of Inco?

Since culture here is very diverse, many different kinds of sports are played here.

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Area - What kind of area is The City of Inco in?

The Republic of Cantica

Crops - What crops does The City of Inco produce?

Corn, tea.

Located at - Where is The City of Inco located?

The Republic of Cantica

Climate - What is the climate like in The City of Inco?

In general, larger bodies of water produce the most dramatic effects on surrounding climate. Water takes longer to heat and cool than land surfaces; this delay causes water to retain heat during the winter and remain at a lower temperature in the summer

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Founding Story - How was The City of Inco founded?

It was founded by Sampson Abbott, their origins are unknown, but sources say that Sampson was nonbinary.

They first built a farm and a house, they jokingly claimed themselves as the monarch of the place. He named the area 'Inco' after their dog, Inno.

Established Year - When was The City of Inco established?


Notable Wars - What notable wars has The City of Inco been involved in?

They were involved in hiding the spies who were spying on the enemy country in 1580, the Bahron Continent.

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