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Name - What is //United Districts of Natoma ’s full name?

//United Districts of Natoma

Type - What type of location is //United Districts of Natoma ?


Description - Describe //United Districts of Natoma .

// The UDN is a country of 16 districts that cover the entire continent of Natoma. Major cities include the capital Acosia, the sunny west coast metropolis of Manera and the bread basket city of Stetnee.

face Culture
Language - What languages are spoken in //United Districts of Natoma ?

// Atlan

Population - What is //United Districts of Natoma ’s population?

// 900.5 million

Currency - What currencies are used in //United Districts of Natoma ?

// Inter-System Dollars

Motto - What is //United Districts of Natoma ’s motto?

// "Shattered but united"

Laws - What are the laws in //United Districts of Natoma ?

// Notable Laws include :

// Someone who has been proven to have commited treason , terrorism , murder , pedophilia , rape , arson , and kidnapping are instant death penalties and cannot be changed.

// Citizens are allowed to own any small-arms excluding explosives after passing the National Fire-Arm Safety Exam.

// Although the UDN has a rather diverse population of peoples from across the systems its immigration policy is extremely strict and fewer than 300 people are given citizenship status a year.

Sports - What sports are played in //United Districts of Natoma ?

// Competitive Shooting
// Archery
// Fencing
// Wrestling
// Boxing

map Geography
Area - What kind of area is //United Districts of Natoma in?

//Western Hemisphere of Aetoma

Crops - What crops does //United Districts of Natoma produce?

// Wheat
// Potatoes
// Rice

Located at - Where is //United Districts of Natoma located?

// Frontier System
-----------> // Planet Aetoma
-------------> // Western Hemisphere Aetoma

Climate - What is the climate like in //United Districts of Natoma ?

// The country doubles as a continent so the UDN is home to a wide variety of climates. However, in general it has a continental climate, with cold winters (often frigid) and hot summers (sometimes very hot), with a different season duration depending on where you are.

date_range History
Founding Story - How was //United Districts of Natoma founded?

// The planet of Aetoma was founded by the Atlan government as a way to send a growing population of refugees and criminals from their home planet to a place where they can solve their own issues. Although the continent of Natoma was also the home of secret experimentation of bio weapons, one of which was the Crims Virus. The Crims Virus was released among the general population of Natoma and the planet was quickly quarantined by the Atlan forces. No ship was allowed to come in or out as an entire fleet of Atlan ships would patrol the planet under its quarantine phase. As expected, hundreds of millions of people died and small pockets of the population managed to salvage what little they had. After 3 years Atlan forces landed on Aetoma to reinforce order among the broken populace which was met with armed conflict. This lead to the Aetoman Revolutions where the entire planet fought for autonomy from Atla. This is where the UDN began as the people of Natoma elected president Merith Aksen as the first president.

// The first major action placed by President Aksen were the "GENESIS ACCORDS" which brought about an entire building plan for the country. The Genesis Accords specifically had every city design an underground metropolis where the Natomans could survive if a cataclysmic event occurred. After Aksen stepped down from office, 2nd President Milo Makovich would be appointed and brought about strengthening relations with Atla. Atlan-Natoma relations would significantly grow which lead to the shared technology that came from the core planets. The introduction of high grade tech lead to an increasingly concerning desire to research unknown anomalies in pursuit of further advancement. Aetoma is a planet filled with what many would call paranormal occurrences and many in the science community of Natoma believe that solving why these occurrences happen may lead to valuable knowledge. These delves into the unknown have brought about the founding of the Unknown Research Division (URD) , a secret research branch that would visit various sites and locales where strange lifeforms/objects have been discovered. And if possible will be secured in remote sites on the snow planet of Naska for further examination. Although there are few exceptions where some reported humanoids have been kept in facilities in the UDN itself under the watchful eye of the URD.

//Decades later the entirety of humanity would be invaded by a parasitic race of aliens referred to as the Egoma. Entire systems were at war and vast swaths of lands in every system were occupied by the Egoma, all seemed lost until an event called the " Inter System Reset " occurred. This event was the detonation of millions of WMD's on every planet, space station, and major flagship by an unknown hacker as a supposed last ditch effort to eliminate the Egoma. Hundreds of billions of people died and every major government institution was crippled. Archives of information was lost and only small pockets of people have survived. However the UDN managed to stay intact due to the Genesis Cities which allowed for smaller communities of people to wait out and slowly rebuild after the ISR. A century would pass and the remnants of the UDN would begin the "Grave Ops". The Grave Ops would be the military/research force to travel the overworld and reunite any surviving communities post ISR. This brings us to the current era named "After Reset".

Established Year - When was //United Districts of Natoma established?

//2244 G.D

Notable Wars - What notable wars has //United Districts of Natoma been involved in?

//Natoman Revolution (2244 G.D)
//War of Treason (2251 G.D)
// Shadow War (2255 G.D)
// Kings War I (2265 G.D)
// Masha Insurgency (2272 G.D)
// Extinction War (2333 G.D)

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Natoma is widely known by the use of skull imagery on military uniforms and masks. The skulls were originally popularized by revolutionaries who wore skull masks to signify that they are willing to approach death for freedom.

Natoma's Architecture has many modern buildings that are intermixed with medieval bastilles or castles of the various nations of Atla.

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