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Stuffed bunny

Description - Describe Jojo.

A fairly worn down typical pink stuffed bunny. This bunny is extremely important to Everly because she held it when she was being mentally or physically abused by her old family and it was the only thing that calmed her down, so she to this day has a strong bond with it and keeps it in her room, even if she's 14.

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Materials - What is Jojo made out of?

Wool and stuffing and buttons

Weight - How much does Jojo weigh?

Stuffed bunny size...probably not over 100 pounds I'd say.

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Year it was made - When was Jojo made?

Probably 2000

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A little girl who Everly met when she tried to run away at age 7 gave the bunny to her. It is a symbol of hope for a loving family for Everly because the girl who gave it to her seemed to have a caring and supportive family.

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