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Semi-Auto/Bolt Action Legendary Liu Rifle.

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A rifle designed by a Chinese general, now used by Nikita Kuzmich.

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Birch wood, gold, phoenix feathers, quilin hair, steel, Bayonet.

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10 LBs Empty.

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Originally built by general Liu in 1914, the blueprints were found by Nikita and the rifle was resurrected at a certain Unknown date in Tibet, possibly 1921?

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Seems to synergize with Nikita's regen ability. When firing the last shot in Semi-auto mode, it lets out a spray of fiery pellets, in Bolt-action mode, the last shot's muzzle velocity and penetration power is exponentially increased.

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Originally named after It’s designer, General Liu Quing En, General Liu’s rifle was a prototype weapon made in the republic of China in 1914.
General Liu was able to get the tools and machinery to produce the rifle from the United States, on his way back to China from the US, the vessel holding the tools sank on the way, possibly due to stress caused by this event, General Liu suffered a stroke which paralyzed half of his body and he eventually passed away. The blueprints were left in China’s Gongxian province.
The blueprints were picked up by senior Helsing Consortium member Nikita Kuzmich, and brought to a Tibetan gunsmith named Topden.
Topden sent Nikita on a journey to collect various ingredients and materials including not limited to bark from an ancient birch tree, phoenix feathers, and hair from a Quilin.
Afterwards, Nikita brought the materials back to Topden, and General Liu’s Rifle was re-born. Operation: Gas operated with a rotating bolt.
Magazine size: 6 rounds.
Caliber: 7.92x57mm
Description: This re-incarnated version of the general Liu rifle used by Nikita on occasion, is a rifle made from gold, birch wood, qulin hair, and phoenix feathers. It fires a large German-made round and weighs about 10 pounds and a bit more with a bayonet fixed.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this weapon is It’s dual action, it can fire in semi-automatic but also, should the gas mechanism fail, or the user elect to, the bolt action mechanism can be used as well.

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