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Description - How would you describe a KK?

Cute. cuddly and very soft, is a German Shepard

Type of creature - What type of animal is KK?


pets Looks
Color - What colors does a KK come in?

Brown and black and tan

Shape - How would you describe the shape of a KK?


Size - How big (or small) is the usual KK?

she is medium-sized

Height - How tall is the usual KK?


Weight - How much does the usual KK weigh?


Notable features - What physical features are most notable for KK?

Tail, and ears

Vestigial features - What vestigial features does KK have?

She is very kind and loving

Materials - What materials (feathers, scales, etc) is KK made of?


fingerprint Traits
Aggressiveness - How aggressive is the average KK?

Not very Aggresive

Method of attack - What methods does a KK use to attack?

Does not attack unless someone is attacking Klara

Methods of defense - How does a KK defend itself from attackers?

Barking and growling

Maximum speed - How fast can a KK move?

Can run-up to 30 mph

Strengths - What are the notable strengths of KK?

Her jaw, legs.

Weaknesses - What are the notable weaknesses of KK?

Ears eyes nose and tail

Sounds - What sounds does KK make?

Woof, and grrrl, and sigh.

Spoils - When hunted, what spoils does a KK leave behind?

Not hunted



Strongest sense - What is KK's strongest sense?

Smell and hearing

Weakest sense - What is KK's weakest sense?


location_on Habitat
Preferred habitat - What kind of habitat is best for KK?

Running getting walked and exercising

Food sources - Where does KK find its food?

From her bowl that Klara fills

Migratory patterns - Does KK have any migratory patterns?

Do not migrate

Herding patterns - What herd patterns does KK have?

Herdes Klaras sheep

Competitors - What does KK compete with for food or other resources in its habitat?

How well she herd the sheep, although she always gets food, if she does good she gets a little piece of steak

Predators - What are the major predators of KK?


Prey - What does KK prey on in its habitat?


call_split Comparisons
Similar creatures - What other creatures is KK most like?

Her brother Power

Symbolisms - What symbolisms does KK hold in your world?

She is low on rank

timeline Evolution
Ancestors - What preceded KK? How has KK evolved over time?

she descended from wolfs

Evolutionary drive - What drove KK to evolve over time?


Tradeoffs - What evolutionary tradeoffs has KK made throughout history?

She became domesticated

Predictions - How might KK further evolve in the future?

I don't know

scatter_plot Reproduction
Reproduction age - At what age can KK start to reproduce?

1 and 1/2 years old

Requirements - Besides age, what other requirements are necessary before KK can reproduce?

She has to go through heat

Mating ritual - What is KK's mating ritual?


Reproduction - How does KK reproduce?

The puppy comes out

Reproduction frequency - How frequently does KK reproduce?

Not often

Parental instincts - What parental instincts does KK have?

to protect her offspring

Offspring care - How does KK take care of its offspring?

She lets them drink her milk, and takes care of them, and protects them

Mortality rate - What percent of KK offspring make it to adulthood?


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